Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hauling, Working and Cinema Going: Life Update~!

Hello my fellow bloggers! Sorry I haven't put up a post in so long! I promise to work hard to keep this blog alive! In essence, I'm back and ready to roll!

Many things have happened since I last did a life update. Work has been going smoothly, I'm in three courses for the summer and my nursing application is well on its way! Whenever I log in to view my course info or to check my application status I feel so nervous. I wonder why that is. It's not like I'm falling behind or failing anything! Hopefully that feeling subsides...maybe it's because I'm worried that with a 30-40 hour work week nearly every week; I won't have enough time to write all my essays or do the assigned readings for my courses. I'm also worried about my application to the nursing program...apparently I'm missing requirements, looks like I'll have to call the school in the morning and see why!

With my new income I've been naughty and spent money on things I shouldn't be buying. The Body Shop has been having a spree of sales and you know what happens to me when things are on sale...I go a tad crazy. Most of what I bought are skincare items. The Vitamin C Facial Polish, Vitamin E Hydrating Toner, Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion etc etc. I should have made this entry a Body Shop haul...maybe I'll do that another time with all my new goodies! 

This isn't all the products I bought...I was too lazy to hunt all of them down XD

I also got this beautiful handbag from Aldo but it cost me 50 whopping dollars! The price makes me cry but I wanted a new bag for work (to keep my uniform in) and my old LeSportsac Fifi Lapin bag is starting to look worse for wear. I don't have the heart to donate it or throw it away (for environmental and sentimental reasons) so I'll probably just use it less often. It looks kind of like a robot! The color and structure of the bag is really what drew me in, I don't really like bags that look like a saggy sac hanging off one's arm or shoulder and brown is so neutral it could go with any outfit!
Speaking of which, this is the outfit I wore to the movies tonight with my friends! 

Looks kinda creepy like this...

We saw The Great Gatsby and I actually really enjoyed it! I was worried it wouldn't be as good as the book considering it has music from artists like Jay-Z and Lana Del Rey...those aren't exactly songs that come from the 20's but it wasn't overpowering and at times, fit alright with the actual film. I love Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan. They're all wonderful actors and I may have a slight crush on our favorite Titanic star as well as the old Spiderman. The romance between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan was just...the scene where Nick invites Daisy over to tea and Gatsby gets all shy....WAHH~~ <3

This scene...makes me all warm and fuzzy inside~

After the beautiful movie we went to play in the arcade at the theatre! I played DDR for the first time in AGES and it was really fun! It can be such a workout! Not to mention it's also quite dfficult to play in a dress as form fitting as the one I was wearing! No matter though I was able to play all three the songs through and one of them was no other than Angelus by Hitomi Shimatani from Inuyasha! I got all excited but my three other friends didn't grow up watching the I was the only one humming the tune while dancing for my life!

I wasn't that great at DDR but it was fun nonetheless!

We also played Skee ball, four player Pac-man and a roller coaster like game called Typhoon (which was more of a ride than a game)...all in all, it was really fun! There can't be a better way to end the Monday!

Apart from these events, I've also been indulging in the arts and have found a new love in music by a girl called Priscilla Ahn. It's all so peaceful and pretty...all her songs have some sort of nostalgia attached to them. Here's two of my favorite ones: Rain and Oo La La

I get drawing inspiration from her too! Here's some art pieces I've been working on for the last little while! 

A Study of Arya and her facial expressons

A study as well, this time of Eragon

Trying some perspective work with Arya again, the feet could use a little work!

Eragon looking all pained and sad in this mixed media piece XD

...yes they're all fan art of the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. I'm such a huge fan of the books! There'd better be a book 5!!!!

I've also hit over 300 watchers on DeviantART! I'm pretty proud of myself, I'm going to work hard to make it to 400 next and maybe beyond that! 

So there you have it folks, a little snippet into what's been going on in my life :)

I'll try to post more often so see you again soon! Also...sorry about the quality of some of these pics, I really need a new camera :(

Thanks for reading and ciao for now!

Monday, 13 May 2013

LUSH: Whoosh Shower Jelly Review

WHOOSH! Review time! The product of interest for today is this electric blue shower jelly from LUSH! I was an orientation leader for my university and honestly, whenever I think of the word "Whoosh" I'm reminded of the countless times we played a game of the same name. I got kind of sick playing it tens of times in training and during the actual event but thankfully, I do not tire of using this awesome product!

This product looks exactly like jello. No joke, it wiggles and jiggles just like jello and smells like a party of citrus fruits. The scent is very invigorating making it perfect to use when you're really tired or just need a pick me up. The best way to use Whoosh is to pinch off a blob about the size of a nickel and lather up really well in a loofah. A little goes a long way, you'll be seeing bubbles till the cows come home with a piece that size! The alternative is taking a chunk off and rubbing that all over your body but it can get really messy...the shower jelly will probably get all over your shower floor and just wash away. I really do recommend you use a loofah for the full shower jelly experience.

In the hot summer months, you can put Whoosh in the freezer/ fridge and use it to cool down in the shower. Believe, it feels great to escape from sweatville with this little baby! What's more, if you find yourself suddenly out of shampoo you can use Whoosh in your hair as well! take a dime sized amount for about medium length hair and crush it into your locks for a citrus infused lather. It's quite strong for a shampoo so remember to follow up with conditioner after to restore moisture to your tresses. 

LUSH has amazing products and Whoosh is definitely in my top ten most amazing inventions they have made. With all it's honey, carrageenan (it's a kind of seaweed), and citrus juices, it's a shower product connoisseur's of bath products like me gravitate towards. At  $6.95 for 100 grams and $11.95 for 240 grams, it doesn't break the bank like most LUSH products do. It'll last a hell of a long time too so don't worry about it disappearing on you in a month!

A definite recommend from me, go try it and love it like I do!

Thanks for reading and ciao for now!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

April Favorites!

Looks like I'm on a roll! Here's this month's edition of my beauty favorites :)
I try to change up all the products each month to keep variety in my life, so without further ado, here we go!

Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush in Rose
Ever since I got into makeup I've wanted this product very badly! I finally decided to get it after nearly two years of drooling over these cute little hearts and guess what? I love it! I usually am not a big blush girl...I do wear blush but it's not my favorite part about applying makeup because I feel like a pink face can make a person look like they're running a fever. I tend to associate pink cheeks with sickness and so, blush doesn't appeal to me. This blush tells a different story however; it's on the sheerer side so that you can just have a light flush without giving you that fever'd look and contains euphoryl, a chemical that imitates the body's natural endorphins producing a happy feeling! I don't know if that's a gimmick or not but I do seem to be cheerier when I have this blush on! It also smells lightly of fragrant absolute delight!

The Body Shop's Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish
I have oily, acne ridden skin that can look dull from lack of sleep or stressful days. This facial cleanser really helps me face look like I'm still among the living. I also enjoy how it lathers! Facial cleansers that don't lather aren't necessarily ineffective but I prefer ones that do. I'll keep using this for the month of May and perhaps do a full review on it. So far, so good! It also smells like oranges...mmm refreshing!

Mizon's NBI-5 SCI BB Cream
BB Creams are my go to option for coverage because I find foundations to be a little too heavy these days. This BB Cream is really neat for it dispenses white but as you apply it to your face, it oxidizes to match your skin tone! It gives a dewy finish but on days I don't want to look quite to shiny, I use a powder to mattify as a post step. Lovely BB cream, doesn't give me acne and only need a pea sized squirt to cover my entire face! It smells lovely some sort of sweet soap~

EOS Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet 
EOS lips balms are so gosh darn cute! I finally had to get a couple and give them a try and to my delight, they're amazing! The strawberry one tastes pretty good, it's good to apply on dry lips and even when you just want the scent of strawberries wafting about. Application is a breeze with it's ball shaped design, I don't like lip balms you need to stick your finger in to apply, hands free means less germs! I'm really tempted to try more of these! Oh my poor wallet!

Stila Lip Glaze in Loganberry

I call this lip glaze the perfect berry pink! It's pigmented well but sheer enough so that it won't make it look like you just bit into a beet. If you're going for a more natural look or just a sweet shine to your lips, Loganberry is your go to product! Application is precise as well with the design of the lip glaze click pen so you can shape your lips with it too!

Covergirl's Waterproof Lashblast Fusion Mascara in Very Black
If you want natural looking lashes this is the mascara to use! It gives moderate volume and not much length but the trump card of this mascara is how polished it makes your lashes without going overboard! Great for everyday wear but I do have an issue with it's "waterproof" ability. It is NOT waterproof and a little water can get it to start flaking or running. Ahh well, my lashes look beautiful with it on nonetheless!

Tarina Tarantino's Fleur de Lash Mascara in Black Opal
I'm sad that Tarina Tarantino isn't carried at Sephora anymore but her mascara is really good! It's not so much for volumizing as it is for lengthening. It gives you lashes that resembles spider legs. They lengthen my lashes to about twice their normal length but barely do anything for volume. I love the effect it gives me! Makes me feel like a doe eyed princess! Once mine runs out I'll probably cry a little...or a lot XD

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion
I'm addicted to tea tree stuff from The Body Shop! The lotion is really great and it causes my skin to heat up and tingle after application. It goes on really smooth and doesn't take ages to soak in like many facial creams do. I have noticed there is less acne on my face after using this for a week or so and I'm excited to see how prolonged use will affect my problem skin!

Bath and Body Works Fragrance Mist in Twilight Woods
Many perfumes are super duper expensive so I opt for cheaper alternatives, cue Bath and Body Works' fragrance mists. Twilight woods is a very sweet scent but it has a light musk to it as well. It reminds me of walking in a forest in autumn while the sun starts to set. I know it's spring and most people are probably going for fresher scents but this one keeps painting that image in my head and I want to keep wearing it!

LUSH's Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub
This is not a product for the faint of heart. When it says scrub it means SCRUB. The salt scrub inside this zingy lime and avocado scrub will polish your face until it's red and shiny but after rinsing it off...I can honestly say my face feels like a baby's bottom. It makes my skin super smooth and soft and smells really citrusy! Almost like a mojito! I recommend only using this product once a week and on a cloudy day or at night because such a strong scrub can leave your skin sensitive to light afterwards. Use a good facial cream after to help your skin absorb even more moisture and believe me you will be feeling the rewards of baby butt soft skin!

 Thanks for reading guys! Check out some of these products for sure and ciao for now~!

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