Monday, 13 May 2013

LUSH: Whoosh Shower Jelly Review

WHOOSH! Review time! The product of interest for today is this electric blue shower jelly from LUSH! I was an orientation leader for my university and honestly, whenever I think of the word "Whoosh" I'm reminded of the countless times we played a game of the same name. I got kind of sick playing it tens of times in training and during the actual event but thankfully, I do not tire of using this awesome product!

This product looks exactly like jello. No joke, it wiggles and jiggles just like jello and smells like a party of citrus fruits. The scent is very invigorating making it perfect to use when you're really tired or just need a pick me up. The best way to use Whoosh is to pinch off a blob about the size of a nickel and lather up really well in a loofah. A little goes a long way, you'll be seeing bubbles till the cows come home with a piece that size! The alternative is taking a chunk off and rubbing that all over your body but it can get really messy...the shower jelly will probably get all over your shower floor and just wash away. I really do recommend you use a loofah for the full shower jelly experience.

In the hot summer months, you can put Whoosh in the freezer/ fridge and use it to cool down in the shower. Believe, it feels great to escape from sweatville with this little baby! What's more, if you find yourself suddenly out of shampoo you can use Whoosh in your hair as well! take a dime sized amount for about medium length hair and crush it into your locks for a citrus infused lather. It's quite strong for a shampoo so remember to follow up with conditioner after to restore moisture to your tresses. 

LUSH has amazing products and Whoosh is definitely in my top ten most amazing inventions they have made. With all it's honey, carrageenan (it's a kind of seaweed), and citrus juices, it's a shower product connoisseur's of bath products like me gravitate towards. At  $6.95 for 100 grams and $11.95 for 240 grams, it doesn't break the bank like most LUSH products do. It'll last a hell of a long time too so don't worry about it disappearing on you in a month!

A definite recommend from me, go try it and love it like I do!

Thanks for reading and ciao for now!

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  1. Never tried this product - but I do love LUSH products! I will look for it next time i'm in. Thanks for the review! :)



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