Friday, 31 August 2012

Bye Bye TokiDoki

TokiDoki, the criminally cute brand of makeup at Sephora is leaving! The amazing Simone Legno is the artist behind the adorable artwork, he's also collaborated with Le Sportsac in the past to make the most charming bags ever! The brand announced its departure not too long ago but I am going to miss that cute little makeup stand...however, since TokiDoki is leaving Sephora, their products have become pretty cheap and I have bought a couple tidbits from them before there's no way I can ever get them again! Here's what I got:

From left to right: A Punk Lash Mascara in Baby Rocker,Two Prisma lipglosses in Rondine Love and LA Gun, Two Roulette Gloss Trios including colors in: Ciao Ciao, Carina, Arlecchino,Hercolino, Mozzarella, and Coco Bella

Yes mostly lip items but I couldn't pass up how cute the glosses were packaged! Another plus is that the Prisma glosses smell like blueberries and the roulette ones all smell like mint candy! So delicious...I just want to eat it! I got the mascara as well since it's blue and I've read reviews online about Punk Lash Mascara saying they're one of the most pigmented of all colored mascaras.

Punk Lash Mascara in Baby Rocker

I do like this mascara, it definitely turns your lashes blue but the brush is not my favorite to work with at all! It takes a long long time to build up the color on your lashes and though I am a fan of small wands, the plastic bristles (they look more like bumps...) are too stubby to work efficiently on lashes. Coating them, as a result, takes ages and can get frustrating. If you are able to nab one of these before they disappear forever though you should! The pigmentation is very very good but application wise it's not the best of mascaras.

From left to right: Prisma Glosses in Rondine Love and LA Gun

Something special about these lip glosses is there applicator. They have a spatula applicator that is different to work with than a doe foot applicator or a squeezy one. Many people have ranted about how awful the spatula applicator is but I honesty feel that it's not a big deal. There's no advantage to it but it doesn't ruin lip gloss application in anyway. 

Rondine Love - I absolutely love the little figures in on the top of the lip glosses! The capsule is filled with purple and silver hearts and Xs along with two little birds in the middle. The birds reminded me of my zodiac sign (Gemini), another plus to the cute product! As for color payoff...there is virtually no color payoff...though the gloss appears to be reddish pink when applied to the lips it's pretty much clear. It's a good gloss to layer over other lip colors but if you want something that shades your lips a pretty pink this is not the right product. I love it, I would like a little more color but the shine and lasting power are very good! It will last after eating too but of course it won't be as prevalent a shine as when freshly applied.

The top of the LA Gun Prisma Gloss. It's the letters L and A but designed like a 9 mm pistol with a girl sitting on the letters. The shade is more pink than Rondine Love but upon application is clear on the lips. Both glosses smell the same and have great lasting power and shine.

Now we come to the Roulette Trio Glosses. I got two of them and the color pay off for these glosses is a little better but is still very sheer. They smell delightful and the doe foot applicator is an awesome tool for quick application! I love this, it's small but has 3 colors to choose form so if I want to change up my color while out and about I can without carrying 3 large lip glosses. The packaging is super cute and the gloss holster (is it okay to call it that?) resembles bullet rounds of a gun. Super cool!

I want to get more stuff from them before they leave for good but until then thanks for reading!

Ciao for now~! <3

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Legend of Zelda Party

If you're a gamer, you must know that Legend of Zelda is a classic in the gaming world and if you're a girl gamer you may be equally (but definitely not more!) infatuated with Link, the Hero of Time, as I am. My friends and I all had a party with Legend of Zelda as the theme today and it was amazing! I'm not a photographer and don't always carry a camera around with me, so no pictures today...I'll start to bring it with me more often to capture impromptu moments of my life but I have some old photos where we actually cos-played characters from the series!

The insanely smexy gosh he is just FINE mmHMM~~~~~~

...moving on! I had arrived pretty early at my friend's house...half an hour early to be specific...good thing her sister was home and I was allowed in otherwise things could have gotten pretty awkward if I had to stand in front of her house with her dog barking madly at me from the window. I mostly sat with her her dog (her name is Poppy by the way) at the window and sketched a bit in my little sketchbook, passing the time until other guests arrive.

Kyra came next, she drove up to the house (with Poppy barking crazily at her all the while) and guess what she brought for everyone?....*suspense*...CUPCAKES!!!! Not just any cupcakes either...tie-dye cupcakes with LoZ symbols on them! By gosh they were delicious...*drool drool*. Kyra if you're reading this you should be my personal chef...just saying! We hung out for a bit and Hanna finally shows up at the door bringing along Brittney, Alyssa and Sianna. We snack, consume enough goldfish crackers to feed a small whale, and start playing Skyward Sword. I love the Ballad of the Goddess in Skyward sword, amazing song and I have it stuck in my head now too!

Listen to this beautiful song~

It's hard to fly those Loftwings and even harder to control the sail in that game! Maybe I need to sit in front of the television to play...most of the time us girls were playing at odd angles to the sensor bar. After consuming enough candy to induce diabetic comas in us all, we decided to switch to Ocarina of Time and we also ordered pizza! We wanted the pizza man to draw Navi saying "Hey Listen" on one of the pizza boxes and I think a Tri-force on the other. It did not happen. Good thing Kyra is a good artist and she did it for us instead. Hrmmph, I wish Dominoes would do something goofy for us like that just once! Ham and pineapple goodness and cheese delight, delicious!...but so much junk food *ughh my stomach!*. Kyra and I were busy sketching away and we drew our friends in the room! I must say Hanna you have the most interesting sitting pose...

I had to leave around 8pm though since I promised to be home by 9 and so I could get enough rest for Orientation at SFU the next day! I wish I could have slept over! From my knowledge only one of us slept over because everyone else had plans the next day, ahh well next time for sure!

The day was over too soon but I have a treat for you guys now, some blurry laptop pictures of us cos-playing as characters from LoZ the last time we had a Zelda themed party! (Yes this is the second one I've been to)

From left to right: Me = Tetra, Hanna is Link (girl version), Kyra is Aryll, and Sianna is Malon!

Thanks for reading! Ciao for now~! <3

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Review

 I've wanted to buy one of these babies for a long long time and I finally decided to fork over the 6 dollars and got one!

I have to say, this is an amazing product! A 10/10 for sure! It's got lasting power, beautiful color payoff, a nice creamy texture, it does not crease (at all!), cute little packaging, and it's not going to break the bank! I often hear people compare Maybelline Color Tattoos to MAC Paint Pots so if you're looking for a creamy eye shadow to use by itself or as an eye shadow base that won't rip a hole in your wallet, Color Tattoos are the way to go!

I love how that even with my colored hair the teal will not clash with the pink! I guess it also depends on how much you use and how you use it but I must say it's lovely and I'm extremely pleased with the outcome!

A swatch of the pretty blue color in the line (number 40 in Tenacious Teal). They have 10 different shades and they are all lovely. Perhaps something I love about these cream eye shadows is that the shades they have are unconventional and could work as a statement color in your makeup look. Somewhat contradictory to that is they could also work as everyday colors, there are golds and browns available if some of you are not as daring and would like to stick with your lovely neutrals~

I personally use them as eye liners with a small angled brush and I love how it looks on the eye! I also put on some blue mascara to really have a cute pop of blue without looking like a painted whore XD

Forgive the quality of the image, my camera would not focus on macro mode and my DSi actually had better quality than my 10 megapixel camera...

See! Pink hair and blue eyeliner will not clash! One thing I'd like to bring up is my Asian eyelids. Since I have the Asian double eyelid and not the Caucasian eyelid which is gigantic in comparison, creasing happens to me a lot. I normally need to apply a primer to prevent colors from creasing right after make up application but there is no such thing with Color Tattoos! You could apply it on bare Asian eyelids and creasing will be literally non-existent! I also have very oily eyelids so that really made my jaw drop when, at the end of the day, I didn't look like a blue panda.

Maybelline has got me hooked on their Color Tattoos and I will make sure to try out more of the colors in the range. I recommend this 100% because I'm in love with it and want to share the love with you!

Ciao for now~! <3


As you may have known, I've been at an anime convention for the past couple of days called Anime Revolution and it was a FREAKING AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!! There were so many cos-players, events, anime stuff, and like minded people in one convention center that come the last day of the convention I was actually pretty sad to go back to the real world...

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera the the first two days and on the last I saw that my camera had no battery...WAGGHH!!! So the images here were either nabbed off other photographers or my friends, sorry!

The adorable mascot for 2012's Anime Revolution

Cos-players...cos-players everywhere!

They had a bunch of voice actors from Sailor Moon there! They even had sugar!!! SUGAR!!! From YTV! I watched her all the time as a kid~

It's the first time I've ever heard of Irulanne but I must say she is an amazing singer! She does anime and j-pop song covers and I've never heard anyone sing covers for anime better than her!

That famous cos-player Jessica Nigri, she was dressed as Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony when I saw her, beautiful girl :)

Mr.Nakata Jouji was also there! He did the Japanese voice for Alucard in the anime Hellsing! 

Super cutsie little cos-player! I really want to cos-play this well too!

This improv comedy group called the 404's were also there! They're hilarious! At one point they had to improvise a scene about a new holiday dedicated to bacon while blindfolded and stepping on live mousetraps with bare feet. Ouch for them but I couldn't help and laugh the whole time!

Vendor's hall and artist`s alley! So much talent! I broke the bank buying all the art >w>...
My room is now starting to look more like an otaku's room. Mind you This is not all my art and I didn't buy all of it at AR this year but I did spend nearly 80 bucks this year (including food)...ohhh my wallet...

I've had that Fullmetal Alchemist wall scroll for ages now, I wanted to get a new one while at AR but couldn't find one I liked, ahh well there's a piece of nostalgia on the walls~

Did I cos-play? Yes and no...The first day I showed up in a pink strapless dress with a poofy bottom and since I have pink hair...I could have passed for Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony...A few people thought I was her but when I asked people if I looked like Pinkie Pie they said they didn't know who she was...lawl

The next day I actually cos-played and wore the school uniform from the anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I was Mikuru which is the girl on the right. I used to have an orange wig to match her hair but it made me look like a crazed lion and so I chucked the horrible thing. I had two friends with me and we represented the trio of girls here! We even did the dance for the anime which goes like this:

People took pictures and filmed us. It was fun but we needed to be brave to do it in front of random strangers!

Day 3 There was no cos-play from me, just a dress and ankle boots to stay comfy...cos-play can be very uncomfortable!

Hopefully my friends and I can also attend next year! There's so much I'd love to do including anime idol, becoming an artist at the artist alley, play struggle (from Kingdom Hearts), cos-play, go to the maid cafe etc etc. It'd be a treat to immerse myself in the world of anime once more with my fellow nerds and otakus! I had the most wonderful time and I will remember it forever~

Ciao for now~! <3

Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Birthday to Remember! Turning 19

Another year, another birthday! Well...actually my real birthday was in June but I had my birthday party on August 14th and it was a blast! My friends and I went to the beach and afterwards we went to karaoke for some singing fun!

This is what I did my hair like for the seemed though as the party went on that the braid with a wired fabric in it would fall apart and I'd have messy Tarzan hair at the end of the day. Pretty simple outfit too! A tank top with decorative splotches of blues, yellows and whites and just denim shorts. A cute jade turtle with a piece of shell in the middle to accessorize!

A couple of my good friends and I went to the local Tim Hortons to get some doughnuts for everyone before we took the commute to the beach. At the cash register I managed to ask for "one thousand doughnuts" instead of "a dozen". She looked at me like I was crazy and it was too early in the morning for my nonsense.

There were 9 of us including me in the fiasco of fun! We saw the local flora and fauna (purple sea stars and baby crabs) in their natural glory. I picked up one and showed it to my friend ran off her hand and landed on top of a sea star! We tried to pick it back up but it crawled under one of the probably got eaten...

After that we tried to build a sand castle...I almost ended up destroying everything we made! This pear (that we made on a whim) turned out okay though, thankfully and I did not kick it over!

The lovely Vivian with her fruit! Sorry about the picture quality...nearly all the pictures here were taken with a Nintendo DSi

What's more...everybody took turns drawing on me! My friend Sophia also managed to sit on top of me and give me a painful massage...I'm still sore from it!

Present opening time was so fun! Some of my buddies had already gifted me my presents before this belated party but I'll show you what I got on the day :)

Bath and body things that smell like diamonds, Wreck this journal, a cute bear tooth brush holder, sharpies for the journal and glue, jolly ranchers, Revlon Ice Queen nail polish with a shatter kind, nail art decals, and a beautiful glass necklace too!

Miku Hatsune Poster~!

Two of my friends had to leave after the beach and the rest of us made the commute to the karaoke place, we didn't get lost thankfully!

Sang for 4 hours or so and our voices are now permanently scarred! Yay for raspy-ness! Too bad I forgot to take photos during this part...

Some of the songs we sang included Barbie Girl - Aqua?, Shots - some rapper , Good Day by IU, I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz, Hare Hare Yukai - ehh...from the anime Haruhi, and a whole assortment of songs in varying languages! No I don't claim to know how to speak Korean and Japanese but even mumbling random syllables to the tune was fun! I danced my butt off too!

All of my awesome friends decided to buy a cake for me...mmm green tea mousse cake~! It was delicious!

Thanks for all the fun guys! Love all of you! It was an amazing birthday!

Ciao for now~!< 3

Monday, 13 August 2012

LUSH's Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb: A Review

 One of the most exciting and awesome things LUSH makes is bath bombs (or ballistics if you live in the UK) and the Dragon's Egg bath bomb is no exception to this!

It smells heavenly, like oranges and lemons...a citrus orchestra of scents that revitalizes a tired body and mind! It's got citrus oils, bergamot oil and jasmine in it and FIZZY CANDY!! I kid you not when you plop the cute little ball in the bath you can hear quiet little crackling sounds of pop rocks fizzling away! The water becomes a beautiful golden cream with iridescent sparkles and lightly colored rice paper dot the water in a cauldron of pure delight!

I didn't want to get out of the bath...I was in there for nearly an hour and a half just marveling at the beautiful (and awesome smelling) mixture. The show lasts a while too! It's a slow fizzer (some of LUSH's bath bombs disappear pretty quickly) so you can enjoy a great performance before sinking in to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing bath~

It's a little on the pricey's 5.95CAD for one bath bomb that lasts ONE bath but I think it's definitely worth O_O. Some people also crack their bath bombs in half using a chisel and towel to have two uses out of a bath bomb. Excellent idea! I've tried before but it got kind of messy so now I just enjoy an entire luxurious froth ball instead of half (erm...or bits of a half).

People have asked me if you need to shower after using a bath bomb as they do glitterfy your skin and leave some sparkles when you drain your tub. I never do and I am clean as ever after. I know some prefer a shower after to rinse off the glitter but I do not think it is absolutely necessary!

If you feel like pampering yourself once in a while please go try this baby out! I promise you that you will not be disappointed!

Ciao for now~!<3
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