Monday, 13 August 2012

LUSH's Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb: A Review

 One of the most exciting and awesome things LUSH makes is bath bombs (or ballistics if you live in the UK) and the Dragon's Egg bath bomb is no exception to this!

It smells heavenly, like oranges and lemons...a citrus orchestra of scents that revitalizes a tired body and mind! It's got citrus oils, bergamot oil and jasmine in it and FIZZY CANDY!! I kid you not when you plop the cute little ball in the bath you can hear quiet little crackling sounds of pop rocks fizzling away! The water becomes a beautiful golden cream with iridescent sparkles and lightly colored rice paper dot the water in a cauldron of pure delight!

I didn't want to get out of the bath...I was in there for nearly an hour and a half just marveling at the beautiful (and awesome smelling) mixture. The show lasts a while too! It's a slow fizzer (some of LUSH's bath bombs disappear pretty quickly) so you can enjoy a great performance before sinking in to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing bath~

It's a little on the pricey's 5.95CAD for one bath bomb that lasts ONE bath but I think it's definitely worth O_O. Some people also crack their bath bombs in half using a chisel and towel to have two uses out of a bath bomb. Excellent idea! I've tried before but it got kind of messy so now I just enjoy an entire luxurious froth ball instead of half (erm...or bits of a half).

People have asked me if you need to shower after using a bath bomb as they do glitterfy your skin and leave some sparkles when you drain your tub. I never do and I am clean as ever after. I know some prefer a shower after to rinse off the glitter but I do not think it is absolutely necessary!

If you feel like pampering yourself once in a while please go try this baby out! I promise you that you will not be disappointed!

Ciao for now~!<3


  1. Lush is my favourite in the world... I loved this one too :)

  2. Nessie ~ Let us go to the pool at Hyde Creek, crack like 10 of these babies, throw them in and wallah ~~~ :DD Springboard dive into eternal citrus bliss ~~

    1. OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea~! <3
      Hot tub for sure too! Then we can have a gigantic bath tub of awesomeness~ <3

  3. so much love for lush. the ladies that work there must be the happiest employees in the whole world

    1. I actually worked there for a while and I loved it~! I smelled like a fruity flower every-time I was off my shift~ <3


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