Tuesday, 21 August 2012


As you may have known, I've been at an anime convention for the past couple of days called Anime Revolution and it was a FREAKING AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!! There were so many cos-players, events, anime stuff, and like minded people in one convention center that come the last day of the convention I was actually pretty sad to go back to the real world...

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera the the first two days and on the last I saw that my camera had no battery...WAGGHH!!! So the images here were either nabbed off other photographers or my friends, sorry!

The adorable mascot for 2012's Anime Revolution

Cos-players...cos-players everywhere!

They had a bunch of voice actors from Sailor Moon there! They even had sugar!!! SUGAR!!! From YTV! I watched her all the time as a kid~

It's the first time I've ever heard of Irulanne but I must say she is an amazing singer! She does anime and j-pop song covers and I've never heard anyone sing covers for anime better than her!

That famous cos-player Jessica Nigri, she was dressed as Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony when I saw her, beautiful girl :)

Mr.Nakata Jouji was also there! He did the Japanese voice for Alucard in the anime Hellsing! 

Super cutsie little cos-player! I really want to cos-play this well too!

This improv comedy group called the 404's were also there! They're hilarious! At one point they had to improvise a scene about a new holiday dedicated to bacon while blindfolded and stepping on live mousetraps with bare feet. Ouch for them but I couldn't help and laugh the whole time!

Vendor's hall and artist`s alley! So much talent! I broke the bank buying all the art >w>...
My room is now starting to look more like an otaku's room. Mind you This is not all my art and I didn't buy all of it at AR this year but I did spend nearly 80 bucks this year (including food)...ohhh my wallet...

I've had that Fullmetal Alchemist wall scroll for ages now, I wanted to get a new one while at AR but couldn't find one I liked, ahh well there's a piece of nostalgia on the walls~

Did I cos-play? Yes and no...The first day I showed up in a pink strapless dress with a poofy bottom and since I have pink hair...I could have passed for Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony...A few people thought I was her but when I asked people if I looked like Pinkie Pie they said they didn't know who she was...lawl

The next day I actually cos-played and wore the school uniform from the anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I was Mikuru which is the girl on the right. I used to have an orange wig to match her hair but it made me look like a crazed lion and so I chucked the horrible thing. I had two friends with me and we represented the trio of girls here! We even did the dance for the anime which goes like this:

People took pictures and filmed us. It was fun but we needed to be brave to do it in front of random strangers!

Day 3 There was no cos-play from me, just a dress and ankle boots to stay comfy...cos-play can be very uncomfortable!

Hopefully my friends and I can also attend next year! There's so much I'd love to do including anime idol, becoming an artist at the artist alley, play struggle (from Kingdom Hearts), cos-play, go to the maid cafe etc etc. It'd be a treat to immerse myself in the world of anime once more with my fellow nerds and otakus! I had the most wonderful time and I will remember it forever~

Ciao for now~! <3


  1. just sayin' but jessica nigri was dressed as flutter shy ;) not rainbow dash (flutter shy is my favorite pony! had to tell xD sorry)

    1. She was rainbow dash when she came to the convention where I live! She was Rainbow dash for the most moe-est contest and just walking around the convention centre! I swear on my life she was!


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