Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Legend of Zelda Party

If you're a gamer, you must know that Legend of Zelda is a classic in the gaming world and if you're a girl gamer you may be equally (but definitely not more!) infatuated with Link, the Hero of Time, as I am. My friends and I all had a party with Legend of Zelda as the theme today and it was amazing! I'm not a photographer and don't always carry a camera around with me, so no pictures today...I'll start to bring it with me more often to capture impromptu moments of my life but I have some old photos where we actually cos-played characters from the series!

The insanely smexy gosh he is just FINE mmHMM~~~~~~

...moving on! I had arrived pretty early at my friend's house...half an hour early to be specific...good thing her sister was home and I was allowed in otherwise things could have gotten pretty awkward if I had to stand in front of her house with her dog barking madly at me from the window. I mostly sat with her her dog (her name is Poppy by the way) at the window and sketched a bit in my little sketchbook, passing the time until other guests arrive.

Kyra came next, she drove up to the house (with Poppy barking crazily at her all the while) and guess what she brought for everyone?....*suspense*...CUPCAKES!!!! Not just any cupcakes either...tie-dye cupcakes with LoZ symbols on them! By gosh they were delicious...*drool drool*. Kyra if you're reading this you should be my personal chef...just saying! We hung out for a bit and Hanna finally shows up at the door bringing along Brittney, Alyssa and Sianna. We snack, consume enough goldfish crackers to feed a small whale, and start playing Skyward Sword. I love the Ballad of the Goddess in Skyward sword, amazing song and I have it stuck in my head now too!

Listen to this beautiful song~

It's hard to fly those Loftwings and even harder to control the sail in that game! Maybe I need to sit in front of the television to play...most of the time us girls were playing at odd angles to the sensor bar. After consuming enough candy to induce diabetic comas in us all, we decided to switch to Ocarina of Time and we also ordered pizza! We wanted the pizza man to draw Navi saying "Hey Listen" on one of the pizza boxes and I think a Tri-force on the other. It did not happen. Good thing Kyra is a good artist and she did it for us instead. Hrmmph, I wish Dominoes would do something goofy for us like that just once! Ham and pineapple goodness and cheese delight, delicious!...but so much junk food *ughh my stomach!*. Kyra and I were busy sketching away and we drew our friends in the room! I must say Hanna you have the most interesting sitting pose...

I had to leave around 8pm though since I promised to be home by 9 and so I could get enough rest for Orientation at SFU the next day! I wish I could have slept over! From my knowledge only one of us slept over because everyone else had plans the next day, ahh well next time for sure!

The day was over too soon but I have a treat for you guys now, some blurry laptop pictures of us cos-playing as characters from LoZ the last time we had a Zelda themed party! (Yes this is the second one I've been to)

From left to right: Me = Tetra, Hanna is Link (girl version), Kyra is Aryll, and Sianna is Malon!

Thanks for reading! Ciao for now~! <3


  1. Ahaha, amazing, Vanessa. =D If you have a scanner, you can always post the things you dress... except bus guy. XD

    And my accidental sexy anime position is amazing! XD

    1. Do you mean the things I draw? XP
      Haha yes I love it, you're quite the model!


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