Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Birthday to Remember! Turning 19

Another year, another birthday! Well...actually my real birthday was in June but I had my birthday party on August 14th and it was a blast! My friends and I went to the beach and afterwards we went to karaoke for some singing fun!

This is what I did my hair like for the seemed though as the party went on that the braid with a wired fabric in it would fall apart and I'd have messy Tarzan hair at the end of the day. Pretty simple outfit too! A tank top with decorative splotches of blues, yellows and whites and just denim shorts. A cute jade turtle with a piece of shell in the middle to accessorize!

A couple of my good friends and I went to the local Tim Hortons to get some doughnuts for everyone before we took the commute to the beach. At the cash register I managed to ask for "one thousand doughnuts" instead of "a dozen". She looked at me like I was crazy and it was too early in the morning for my nonsense.

There were 9 of us including me in the fiasco of fun! We saw the local flora and fauna (purple sea stars and baby crabs) in their natural glory. I picked up one and showed it to my friend ran off her hand and landed on top of a sea star! We tried to pick it back up but it crawled under one of the probably got eaten...

After that we tried to build a sand castle...I almost ended up destroying everything we made! This pear (that we made on a whim) turned out okay though, thankfully and I did not kick it over!

The lovely Vivian with her fruit! Sorry about the picture quality...nearly all the pictures here were taken with a Nintendo DSi

What's more...everybody took turns drawing on me! My friend Sophia also managed to sit on top of me and give me a painful massage...I'm still sore from it!

Present opening time was so fun! Some of my buddies had already gifted me my presents before this belated party but I'll show you what I got on the day :)

Bath and body things that smell like diamonds, Wreck this journal, a cute bear tooth brush holder, sharpies for the journal and glue, jolly ranchers, Revlon Ice Queen nail polish with a shatter kind, nail art decals, and a beautiful glass necklace too!

Miku Hatsune Poster~!

Two of my friends had to leave after the beach and the rest of us made the commute to the karaoke place, we didn't get lost thankfully!

Sang for 4 hours or so and our voices are now permanently scarred! Yay for raspy-ness! Too bad I forgot to take photos during this part...

Some of the songs we sang included Barbie Girl - Aqua?, Shots - some rapper , Good Day by IU, I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz, Hare Hare Yukai - ehh...from the anime Haruhi, and a whole assortment of songs in varying languages! No I don't claim to know how to speak Korean and Japanese but even mumbling random syllables to the tune was fun! I danced my butt off too!

All of my awesome friends decided to buy a cake for me...mmm green tea mousse cake~! It was delicious!

Thanks for all the fun guys! Love all of you! It was an amazing birthday!

Ciao for now~!< 3


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