Thursday, 9 August 2012

Semester Break~!

So the summer semester at my university is coming to an end and after exams I have 3 weeks to go have fun and do some crazy awesome stuff before fall semester hits and it's back to the books! You may be asking, what plans do you have for said break Vanessa? Many many! I'm having my birthday party, shopping with some friends, I'm going to an anime convention, leading a group of new students as an Orientation Leader for uni and so on and so forth! It's going to be a tight schedule but play hard and work hard you know?

I love Phantom of the Opera by the way~
The calendar was a gift from a dear friend, it's not all filled out yet but the calendar on my phone is chocked full of things to do!

I'm also planning to read this book during the break (when I have free time that is...)...TADA! Wicked by Gregory Maguire. I've read part of it before, about halfway, but I never got to finish it! Probably because I had to return it to the library...but I will finish it this time! It's such a great book!

Speaking of books...the Great Gatsby movie set to be released on Christmas Day has been pushed back! I read this in the paper today and was devastated...I was really looking forward to go see it then and now I won't be able to until next summer! Ah well...I don't know anybody that's as big a Gatsby fan as I am, more time for me to hunt down a friend to go enjoy the movie with me!

This comic strip cracks me up, it's so true and absolutely hilarious!...Maybe it's only me that thinks that...

I have a lot to look forward to but until then I still have to study for Biology and Geography class *sigh*

Ciao for Now~! <3

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