Friday, 31 August 2012

Bye Bye TokiDoki

TokiDoki, the criminally cute brand of makeup at Sephora is leaving! The amazing Simone Legno is the artist behind the adorable artwork, he's also collaborated with Le Sportsac in the past to make the most charming bags ever! The brand announced its departure not too long ago but I am going to miss that cute little makeup stand...however, since TokiDoki is leaving Sephora, their products have become pretty cheap and I have bought a couple tidbits from them before there's no way I can ever get them again! Here's what I got:

From left to right: A Punk Lash Mascara in Baby Rocker,Two Prisma lipglosses in Rondine Love and LA Gun, Two Roulette Gloss Trios including colors in: Ciao Ciao, Carina, Arlecchino,Hercolino, Mozzarella, and Coco Bella

Yes mostly lip items but I couldn't pass up how cute the glosses were packaged! Another plus is that the Prisma glosses smell like blueberries and the roulette ones all smell like mint candy! So delicious...I just want to eat it! I got the mascara as well since it's blue and I've read reviews online about Punk Lash Mascara saying they're one of the most pigmented of all colored mascaras.

Punk Lash Mascara in Baby Rocker

I do like this mascara, it definitely turns your lashes blue but the brush is not my favorite to work with at all! It takes a long long time to build up the color on your lashes and though I am a fan of small wands, the plastic bristles (they look more like bumps...) are too stubby to work efficiently on lashes. Coating them, as a result, takes ages and can get frustrating. If you are able to nab one of these before they disappear forever though you should! The pigmentation is very very good but application wise it's not the best of mascaras.

From left to right: Prisma Glosses in Rondine Love and LA Gun

Something special about these lip glosses is there applicator. They have a spatula applicator that is different to work with than a doe foot applicator or a squeezy one. Many people have ranted about how awful the spatula applicator is but I honesty feel that it's not a big deal. There's no advantage to it but it doesn't ruin lip gloss application in anyway. 

Rondine Love - I absolutely love the little figures in on the top of the lip glosses! The capsule is filled with purple and silver hearts and Xs along with two little birds in the middle. The birds reminded me of my zodiac sign (Gemini), another plus to the cute product! As for color payoff...there is virtually no color payoff...though the gloss appears to be reddish pink when applied to the lips it's pretty much clear. It's a good gloss to layer over other lip colors but if you want something that shades your lips a pretty pink this is not the right product. I love it, I would like a little more color but the shine and lasting power are very good! It will last after eating too but of course it won't be as prevalent a shine as when freshly applied.

The top of the LA Gun Prisma Gloss. It's the letters L and A but designed like a 9 mm pistol with a girl sitting on the letters. The shade is more pink than Rondine Love but upon application is clear on the lips. Both glosses smell the same and have great lasting power and shine.

Now we come to the Roulette Trio Glosses. I got two of them and the color pay off for these glosses is a little better but is still very sheer. They smell delightful and the doe foot applicator is an awesome tool for quick application! I love this, it's small but has 3 colors to choose form so if I want to change up my color while out and about I can without carrying 3 large lip glosses. The packaging is super cute and the gloss holster (is it okay to call it that?) resembles bullet rounds of a gun. Super cool!

I want to get more stuff from them before they leave for good but until then thanks for reading!

Ciao for now~! <3


  1. love the coral tone in your lip gloss! so fun <3
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