Monday, 6 August 2012

Endless Procrastination...

Hello everyone again! I have my first final tomorrow for programming class and what am I doing the day before? Studying?...I'm trying to albeit not very hard but I thought I'd treat myself to a little blogging break before I continue. I realize that my blogs thus far have had no pictures or just stock pictures but the blogs I read tend to be covered in images! Well here are some not so awesome pics for you to look at whilst reading XD

This is what I should be doing at the moment but erm...I'm being kind of lazy and not wanting to read up on binary searches in Python. The language itself is easier than other programming languages I've done so far but for some reason I'm not doing so well in the class. The assignments were killer tough but let's hope I can muscle through this course without failing it!

On a lighter note I've been doing much better in my geography course...this is the textbook we're using for the semester
It can be a little dry to read at times but I am all for saving the environment. I must recycle at least 80% of my waste products like empty plastic containers, cans, boxes, paper etc. I miraculously scored a 92% on the midterm of this course and I think with a little more reading and studying I'll be able to do well on the final as well! This book confused when I first got it in the mail...I mean there are goats on a tree here XD

All studying aside I went for a little outing with my family yesterday and my mom and I went shopping at Zara. They were having an awesome sale and lookie the pretty I got~ <3

It's a white/cream dress with floral patterns all over it. It's kind of hard to see and I couldn't find a good place to show the contrast with but I think you can get the idea here. It was only 20 CAD! Can you believe it! I love a good deal and I definitely consider myself a saver but with deals like that I couldn't resist XD
I can't wait to wear this, maybe to a day out with friends or even to the anime convention I'll be going to very soon!
Well...I think I'll let the books defeat me and keep me from enjoying the exquisite day outside. Mid-summer weather is amazing. Nice and hot and sunny! My favorite! I tend to wear a lot less makeup in the summer and I opt for BB creams if I decide to wear any cover up. I have this BB cream as a present from my mom but it's a strange one alright...

Know why? Because it's white! Like porcelain white! But what's even weirder is when you rub it out onto your skin it turns skin colored O_O

That's what really got me...I mean...a BB cream that changes colors!!!!? I don't think you can quite tell here but it's gone from porcelain white to a creamy peach...still too light for my skin tone (especially in the summer where I tan as soon as I get outside)

Anyway I better get back to the GUI of my Python Program and sob a little more *sob* XD

Ciao for Now!~! <3

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