Sunday, 12 August 2012

My Hair Story (and a Review for Punky and Manic Panic Hair Color)

Heya again! Back to my blog with some reviews for you! This time I'll be covering Jerome Russell's Punky Color hair dye in Flamingo Pink and Manic Panic's Cotton Candy Pink. I'll also fill you in on my hair story~

As I am Chinese, my hair is naturally black, this is what it used to look like

Haha that was before I discovered make up~

I've died my hair pink before, I used Manic Panic's Cotton Candy Pink and let me tell you that it did not work out at all for me! I had light pink hair but it was very very blotchy even when I applied it evenly, with help, using two whole pots of dye and left it in for 5 hours! It looks alright on camera, here's a pic

Forgive the tired look, I was in my pajamas and about to go to bed...beware the pink headed zombie!

After that the hair color didn't last long at all! It lasted a little less than a month with me washing my hair only every second day...I'm definitely not repurchasing this! It was 14 CAD a pot for 4oz of uselessness! Then I turned completely blonde! Ahh well I guess that could be a good thing, I did enjoy being blonde, here's what I looked like

After being blonde for a period of time, I re-bleached my roots and decided to go for the pink again. Since Manic Panic was such a disappointment for me, my friend suggested I try Punky Color. Manic Panic I bought at a punk culture stand in the mall and you can pick up Punky Color at almost any drugstore.
Manic Panic's Cotton Candy Pink

Punky Color's Flamingo Pink

The potions in question...

I bought two bottles of Punky's Flamingo Pink, expecting to use 2 whole pots again. A full sized Punky pot of hair color has 3.5 oz, less than Manic Panic but to my surprise, one pot was able to full saturate every single strand of my hair from root to tip and leave an even, and bright pink coverage! Even better, one pot costs only 10 CAD!

Looky how bright that is!

I still have a pot left and when my color fades out I'll use that to be re-pinked. The fading out is beautiful, it turns a wonderful periwinkle pink, a light cupcake pink color that's just so darn awesome! When you wash your hair though beware because it can be a little scary...and stainy. This dye stains like the dickens! Don't wear your favorite shirt when you are dying because it will ruin your clothes! Make sure when you shower to take caution because even after a month of two dying it there will still be pink in your shower water! Amazing lasting power, you won't need to dye for months! The bottle says the color will last for 5 - 40 washes. Not the case friends, this dye may as well be called permanent!

I'm a huge advocate for Punky Hair Colors and am considering using other colors in the future...just so awesome...if you are thinking of dying your hair a crazy color Punky is the way to Go!

Ciao for Now~!


  1. This review is really helpful! the colors looks so nice on you... one day i would like to dye my hair like that

    1. Thanks so much~! Go for it~! It's really nice to have people compliment you and it's nice to feel like you stand out :)

  2. I really like your hair blonde i must say! super pretty!


  3. How long did you leave the Jerome in your hair for ? C:

    1. approximately four hours! The longer you leave it in the longer the color will last in wear! Some people I know leave it in all night and when they sleep too!

  4. how about damage? I've been dying my hair pink for 2 years and the newest color my hairdresser uses lasts a super long time, but has really damaged my hair. it's always really dry and looks terribly unhealthy.

    1. I think bleaching it does a lot more damage than dyeing! My hair has become quite unhealthy as well from the bleach job but I don't think dye is that bad for your hair, especially manic panic or punky dyes!

      If your hair becomes damaged, I suggest following up with some hair treatment like LUSH's R&B or got2b's cashmere lustre lotion. It helps a little but nothing beats untreated hair XD

      that's the price we pay for colored hair!

  5. Hi! When you colored your hair with Punky, was your hair blonde?


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