Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Designing a Logo!

I am a lucky girl because I was commissioned by a friend to do a logo for the SVABC! That stands for Specialty Vehicles Association of British Columbia! I was pretty surprised when I was asked to do this but I was happy to do the design for the club! The education from my old design program would not go to waste!

It took a lot longer to do than I imagined, there's so much editing, tweaking and brainstorming involved, especially for clever logos. When you look at a logo like the Starbucks siren or the silver apple from Apple, you must think wow that must have been easy to do! Not so, there's always a lot of work put into a good logo that makes it memorable, to point and versatile for printing on many different surfaces.

At the start I was thinking of putting a silhouette of an old fashioned looking car on top of the capital letters in the abbreviated version of the association name. The old logo had blue and yellow as its main color scheme so I kept the blue. This first design was turned down though because it didn't represent the SVABC that well. Most people there had cars that weren't from the era where they looked like top hats so I had to go back to the drawing board (or Adobe Illustrator ahem)

The next thing I came up with was this little gem here

I wanted to play around with the idea of a speed gauge, The "v" wasn't quite centered enough to look like it was part of the gauge arrows though and it was still a little too modern. The SVABC was enthusiastic about older automobiles so I had to somehow "vintagefy" it...what I Came up with next was a little more "vintage"
okay maybe that was an looks like a hotel logo but it really takes its form inspired from the old logo. There wasn't anything car related in it so I took up the speed gauge idea again and came up with this
Still a little too modern so I tweaked it with some numbers and a different gauge design
This design was chose to be the final and official logo for the SVABC!

It was a long process with many revisions. It was fun though and I got some experience in design! Good resume addition too hehehe~

Thanks for reading and ciao for now~! <3

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