Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Beauty Tips for Those Who Want to Save a Dollar

For those of us who want to look gorgeous but don't want to blow a ton of money on expensive skin care and beauty products, here are ten little corner cutters to still look fabulous but keep your wallet full and happy~

1) Get a good night's sleep
One of the main reasons we wear makeup is to look less tired (well...if you're working or in post secondary school anyway!) I've come to the conclusion that we really can't fake awake. Sure we can look awake with a little makeup but we just might fall asleep at the desk without enough shut eye at night. So instead of getting that concealer for those dark circles just try to get to bed early. It's better for your health and good for your bank account too.

2) Buy products that are versatile
Eyeshadows don't have to JUST be eyeshadows...lipsticks don't have to JUST be lipsticks! When you buy a product you don't have to use it only as one thing. Try using a bronzer as eyeshadow sometime to get a natural and shimmery look on your eyes or use a little bit of lipstick to dab on your cheeks and even out into a nice blush.

3) DIY eye treatments are cheap and effective
There are so many products on the market these these that promise to reduce eye bags but you don't need to spend a lot to look awake! Some homemade remedies include using two wet teabags and placing them on your eyes for ten minutes, using cold spoons, or even potato slices! Works like a dream and costs next to nothing!

4) Use Vaseline for EVERYTHING!
I'm serious, Vaseline is like the most amazing beauty product ever created! This multipurpose cream can be used to moisturize hair, perk up eyelashes, get rid of tired eyes etc. As a warning though don't put too much Vaseline in your hair, it'll weight it down and be difficult to wash out!

5) Use gift wrappings for oil control
If you have oily skin like me I like to take the tissue paper from gift and cut them into little squares! They work amazingly as blotting paper so you'll never need to spend your money on brand name ones!

6)Baby oil or shampoo will remove your makeup
No need to spend tons of money on makeup wipes every couple months, just get a big old bottle of baby oil/ shampoo and it works well to take off your makeup! It's gentle enough for baby scalp and skin and will definitely be kind to your face.

7) Sugar scrubs for cellulite removal and baby soft skin
You really don't need to invest in expensive skin exfoliating treatments. Use coarse sugars and add a little tiny bit of olive oil to the mix (the sugar will not dissolve in it) then use it to scrub yourself smooth! You'll feel like a velvet rose~

8)Natural nail cure...olive oil!
I used to have an obscene obsession with nail polish (and...I still kind of do >w>...). After painting them so often that they started to yellow and crack I needed to give them some TLC. I soaked my nails in olive oil for a couple minutes every day then washed it off with warm water and soap. Hand cream as then applied afterwards...after a couple days my nails were already starting to feel less brittle! Nail polish and nail polish remover really dries out your nails and the olive oil made them hydrated and glossy once more!

9) Toothbrushes aren't just for teeth...your lips will love them too~
Seriously, you can use them to make your lips super soft and smooth! Sometimes we get those little lip goobies or skin coming off of them that makes your pout not look perfect. Take a toothbrush and gently brush them in small circles to get rid of any dead skin. Rinse your mouth and lips then apply a light coat of lip balm. Apart from getting rid of the dead skin you also stir up the blood in your lips and make them a little more red than usual, yay for natural lip color!

10)Exercise, drink lots of water and eat well!
The number one and most important (and also cheapest) method to stay beautiful (and not to mention healthy!) is to exercise enough and to eat properly and drink lots of water! Natural beauty is the greatest kind of beauty, take care of your body and it will take care of you. With an hour exercise everyday, lots of fruits and veggies in your diet and about 2 liters or so of water to drink per day, you'll look and feel fabulous in no time!

Thanks for reading and ciao for now~! <3


  1. Great tips! I totally agree with the vasaline and versitile products. I use vasaline for so many things!! :)

  2. I good idea for cheap and multi-purpose lipstick is to put chap stick on, then dab eyeshadow over top. It doesn't stay on as long, but if you re-apply is every few hours, it keeps the colour, and will make your lips softer. =]

    Also, I have super red lips, and I believe the reason why is because I bit them a lot. Not the healthiest choice, but it' super cheap. XD

    Oh, and for almost all people who wear glasses all day, they'll have dark spots under their eyes, no matter how much sleep they get. The good thing is, the glasses will hide those dark spots. XD

    1. ooooh I've never done that eyeshadow thingy but I might try it :)

      I learned to pinch my cheeks to get a natural blush but it's not exactly pain free XD


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