Thursday, 1 November 2012

What I've Been Up To

Yay for candy and costumes! Well...kind of, let's have a bit of a life update shall we? It was Halloween yesterday and my costume this year was a french maid! I tried to take this picture myself and stretched my arms as far away as possible to TRY and get my apron and most of my costume in good, short armed lady right here! I didn't go to no party, I didn't stuff my face with candy...yeah, I'm lame eh? I liked being dressed up though, Halloween is a good excuse to have some wardrobe fun~ I was a little disappointed with the lack of Halloween spirit at my university though...almost nobody dressed up! I heard a girl remark that she had only seen two costumes on campus the whole day...*sigh*, at my old campus everyone and I mean EVERYONE dressed up for Halloween! Well nobody is going to crush my Halloween spirit!

I've also downloaded and finished this visual novel game today, it's called The Second Reproduction, SOOOO GOOODDD! Thank you SOO MUCH Ryan for referring me to it~ <3

*drool........* my lovely Lezette, he is such a gentleman! I really wish there were still chivalrous knights out there~~~~ *the wishes of a lonely woman*

I should have done some homework today but instead I just played this visual novel, there are two other routes with good and bad endings for each guy. Looks like I'll be trying those game paths really soon kekeke...I find it hard to believe I'll like either of the other guys more though since Lezette is like MY DREAM GUY!!!! WAHHH!!!! *being an annoying fan girl*

Gaming-wise I'm also nearly done Skyward Sword! I think I'm in the last temple and seriously, Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword are neck in neck for the best Zelda game I've ever played. Playing it has rekindled my love for Legend of Zelda games and I think at semester end, I'll be replaying all of the Zelda games I own and maybe even trying to finish Majora's Mask. Majora's Mask is tough! It's timed and timed games stress me only got three days to save the world! *cue Justin Timberlake and Madonna!....okay nobody understands my jokes XD* 

I also ordered a pair of Tri-force earrings off a website called
They look amazing! $20 bucks is a little steep for some gold colored triangles but I'm super excited for these babies to arrive!

For school, midterms seem to be coming at me in endless waves, there's also a strike going on on campus so many classes end up being cancelled. Good news? Not really but the extra free time is welcome~ I recently had a math midterm which I think I did alright on, the next midterm I'll be having is for physics. I'm scared to have it since I did miserably on the first midterm for that class (yes we have two midterms for physics...*sigh).

This post seems very hackneyed but it's just a blurb of what's happening in my life right now XD
I've also been employed at the best place in the world!

I worked there last year as a seasonal sales assistant, I loved it~being surrounded by all the yummy scented goodness and happy people really boosted my mood~ I hope this year I have just as much fun and am able to contribute to the store~

Thanks for reading this little snapshot of my life~! Ciao for now~! <3


  1. You need to come over to get me through the silent realm. XD It's way too stressful for me.

    And I'm hoping to get a job at the food court. Maybe I'll run into you on the weekends if you're working. =D

    1. Silent realm is so fun~! <3
      At winter break I'll be sure to come over :)

      And yes~! I'm sure you can land a job there~! It'd be awesome yo see you there!

  2. I really like anime, I haven't seen this one yet though :)


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