Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Halfway Point

Whoo! I don't think I've ever studied so hard in my whole life! It's finals time and boy I am beat...

I have 4 finals this semester, so far I've finished my chemistry and calculus exams. Two more to go! The upcoming ones are physics and biology...hopefully they're not too difficult but I have to get my butt moving if I want to pass let alone do well. I've found this semester to be especially challenging since I've jumped from an arts major to sciences. I knew it would be tough but I didn't think it'd be this tough! There's way more work than in my old major and those lucky ducks...a lot of my friends that are still in arts are already on semester break *grumble grumble*...I still have 5 days to go!

In other news, I've dyed my hair again and cut it short! When I went to the barbers I paid only for a haircut but because my hair was in such horrid condition and knotted all over, they HAD to wash it and HAD to condition and pamper it before snipping it off...the barber's wife literally spent half an hour trying to brush out all the kinks in my hair but to no mane was just too wild to tame. The barber used a special razor to cut it all off and he put all the cut hair in front of me as if to tell me not to treat my hair this badly EVER AGAIN. No promises I won't do more coloring in the future but I definitely don't want to struggle with Hagrid hair anymore. When it grows out again I want dip dyed ends that I can style...short hair is very difficult to work with, the most I can do is mess it up with my braids, no buns, no nothing! Hair care is much easier now, just wash and go. No hours of brushing~

A tiny little thing I'm actually ECSTATIC ABOUT...I found a lip color that will not make me look weird as heck! I went to MAC to try and find a good red lipstick but no good...for a while I've been hunting for a good red but I shall look no further because low and behold, A Million Kisses has saved me!

This lip tint is AMAZINGLY pigmented...I kid you not, one swipe of the finger (or lip brush) and BAM! Lips of foxy red! Here's a pic of before I got meh hair did and with the lip tint on. I love it, my current obsession!...also it smells like rose and candy, a big plus for me since I love perfumey things!

Well tonight I've done next to no studying but tomorrow is going to be another fun filled day of note taking, reviewing and getting ready for the big tests! Thanks for reading my peeps~!

Ciao for now~! <3

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  1. Just think about the Zelda party, that should get you through the week. =D And don't worry, I still have seven days until I can relax, you're not the only one. XP


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