Thursday, 10 January 2013

A New Year, a New Journey

Maybe it's a little late to be writing a New Year's Post but better late than never! Here's a little life update and some goals I have for 2013!

So school...I'm taking online courses now for anatomy and physiology since I'm pretty sure now that I want to help people. I want to care for people and seeing others happy makes me happy. Nursing seems like a pretty good plan to make that happen so that's what I'm aiming for now. Having only two online courses also gives me a little more leeway in time to do some soul searching. I'm a little burnt out from taking full course loads for 4 semesters in a row so a break is in order! Even though I just started to settle on a conclusion for my career future, going to uni and not knowing what I wanted to do with a degree wasn't a waste. I made so many cool friends there and everything I learned did enrich my life in some way. At least now I have something to work towards with post secondary education! There are only two  intakes a year for the nursing program I want to get into, hopefully I am accepted come application time!

Regarding work; I don't work at LUSH anymore, there were openings for the new year but they chose someone else over me. I'm not upset, I did love working there but just because they don't want me for 2013 doesn't mean I don't have chances to work elsewhere. I learned good communication skills, I was happy helping customers...perhaps someday I'll work there again and enjoy it as much as I did this year! 

I'm also volunteering more regularly now at my local care center for the elderly. I honestly LOVE volunteering there. Elderly people are treasure troves of wisdom and I love caring for them. I play piano for them, assist in recreational activities, talk with them, and help out with other odds and ends. The hours are good towards the nursing program but more than anything, I just feel satisfied that I am able to brighten up someone's day when they can no longer do the things they used to. Having a grandma that I am super close to, I know that when people get older they lose control of many things in their life and the people that love them need to step in and take care of them. I'm sad when I see an elderly person at the home that never gets visited so I try to talk to them to alleviate their loneliness. Nobody deserves to be lonely, it's a horrible feeling to have no one with you.

Prospects for the future are still uncertain. I have some goals I want to accomplish for the new year though. 

1) Finish what I start

I'm notorious for doing something halfway and never touching it again. I'll read half a book, I'll only vacuum half the house, I'll only color half a piece of longer! I will see every project I being through to the end!

2) Be a better planner/ learn to prioritize
Sometimes I think I have the memory of a goldfish. By planning better, setting up daily schedules and being able to decide what is more important and needs to be done a certain day will help me never forget what's important. Life would be a lot easier if I wasn't always frantically thinking what I forgot to do that day!

3) Get into shape
A common new years resolution but one that I wish to pursue nonetheless. I've been heading to the gym daily this new year and I can already see my jaw line starting to be a little more pronounced! If I can keep up my workout habits perhaps I'll finally be able to wear a bikini and not look like a jelly roll in rags! Let's lose some weight and get healthy!

New Years is a great excuse to set new goals. It's a fresh start, you now have a clean slate to make your mark on. Let's hope these goals get accomplished and that 2013 is the best year yet!

Thanks for reading and ciao for now~!
Let's make this year AWESOME!


  1. Sounds like great plans for the new year. And you volunteer work is wonderful and will help you be a better nurse.

    Ali of:

  2. What a great and honest post! :D I really wish I had the time to do volunteer work too!! Im following you know, would love if you checked out my blog :D

    1. Volunteering is quite time consuming! It's worthwhile though!

  3. These are great plans! Happy New Year!

    Wonderful blog! Would love if you stopped by mine too :)


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