Tuesday, 8 January 2013

LUSH Review: Mask of Magnaminty

Hello everyone! Today's topic of interest...LUSH's fabulous face mask: Mask of Magnaminty! One of my all time favorite masks. I have many good things to say about this little green gem so let's get started!

When you look at this mask, it looks like the typical Hollywood mask all the movie stars wear in films. No wonder the stars have such beautiful skin! Mask of Magnaminty has really helped me with my oily, problem skin and is aiding in the reduction of breakouts. Ingredients wise, it includes bentonite as well as kaolin clay, peppermint oil, and honey. Bentonite and kaolin are excellent impurity removing agents while the peppermint is great for brightening up tired, dull looking skin (not to mention it feels very cooling when applied!) Honey is naturally antibacterial (that's why it never goes bad!) so it's good for killing germs that can cause breakouts on your face. Once all the impurities has been absorbed from your face, the mask doubles as a cleanser! Just add water and rinse away in circular motions with your hands! The evening primrose seeds in it help exfoliate and slough off dead skin while you wash off the mask leaving your skin bright and beautiful!

It's not only a face mask, you can use it for your body too! You'll get the same cooling affect if you use it on other parts of your body and I recommend using it on places where you break out like your back. No more back pimples for me! It shrinks your pores, makes you feel refreshed, and is a perfect pick me up for everyone! Use it two to three times a week and I swear people will be complimenting on how gorgeous your skin looks in no time!

Thanks for reading and ciao for now!

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