Monday, 4 March 2013

A Walk in the Late Winter Sun

Most of the time, it rains where I live so in the rare situation that the sun decides to come out I must go outside and enjoy it! Nothing like a good walk in warm sunlight to brighten your mood! It was really windy but I was still able to take some pictures and have fun! Here's a few shots of the beautiful bay area I went around.

There were couple guys on these cool bikes that moved around by large parachutes catching the wind! It was really fun to watch...I bet it was more fun to be on the actual parachute bike!

I was really lucky to get up close with a golden eagle! I wish my camera would zoom in even more but this was as far as I dared venture near it. Didn't want to disturb this beautiful bird!

...andddd a super cliche shot of flowers pre-bloom. At least it's pretty!

I never thought I'd enjoy photography but this was kind of fun~

So yeah, a little photo heavy this blog around but the scenery was so gorgeous I just had to share! Had an awesome weekend and got to enjoy the sun! How was your weekend? 

Thanks for reading and ciao for now~!


  1. I absolutely love photography! And these are great photos! Anyway, great blog, would you like to follow each other?


  2. Lovely photos! You've captured the scenery so well- especially like the shots of the parachutes and the birds :)


  3. The most beautiful photos, wow!! Thanks for stopping by the blog! xo, Julie

  4. Many thanks, dear, for this unbelievable great photos. And a really luck to see an golden eagle <3


  5. Beautiful photos!!!! Thank you for commenting on my blog. I've followed :) - Lilie xx

  6. these pictures are AMAZING! :)
    followed you and i can't wait to see more!

    <3 kylie;

  7. Beautiful pictures, hun! If only it was still sunny now ey? I'm so over Winter it's ridiculous, get me into Summer!


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