Saturday, 9 March 2013

Maybelline's Baby Lips Lip Balm Review

There's been a lot of hub bub about this little tube of lip balm for a while now so I caved in to the buzz and decided to give it a go myself. It's a balm promising to moisturize your lips for 8 hours and to, over time, make them more supple, soft, and less dry. That's a tall order for a tiny little tube! Anyway, Maybelline's Baby Lips lip balm has been raved about for so long by many prominent beauty bloggers that you might be sick of hearing about it. If you're still sticking around, here's my 2 cents on it.

I got the one in Pink Punch since I like to go for shades like this. The packaging is very cute for sure and by gosh they put a lot of product in this stick! A whopping 4.4 grams that will last you until the apocalypse! It smells nice too...a light and candy-like scent that reminds me a little of gobstoppers. At first use I found it to be smooth but not the nicest feeling of balms. It felt a little like PVA glue on my lips which isn't very pleasant. The application is good however and you won't have any drag happening over the lips. Unfortunately, this lip balm will not last you 8 hours a single application but it does improve the look of your lips over time!

Personally, I prefer lip balms that leave my lips feeling refreshed, even tingly; but this one makes them feel glued over a bit. The moisturizing aspect is good though and for 4 dollars, I'm not going to complain too much about that.

One of the best parts about this product is the color it gives! I LOVE the baby pink it tints my pout; it's sheer but gives my lips a healthy look and adds some shine too. If you are aiming for a natural look, Baby Lips in Pink Punch will definitely help you out here!

The Baby Lips line also carries a Peppermint balm so maybe I'm using the wrong one and not being fair by saying it's not refreshing...keep your eyes peeled for a possible review on the Peppermint one!

In general, I would recommend this product! It does it's job and even adds some color to your face! If you aren't finicky with wanting a tingling after feel, this product is for you!

Thanks for reading and ciao for now!


  1. When I first saw that picture over Facebook, I thought your hand was bruised. XD
    My favourite lip balm is still Burt's Bees.

    1. I wish I could change the thumbnail but I'm not too sure how XD
      this isn't my favorite lip balm ever...I guess as of now it's still Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment XD

      SOOO expensive! I got mine for free though kekekeke~

      I heard good stuff about Burt's Bees XD
      I should check that out!

  2. I have been reading reviews of this product for a while and will never get bored of them because we can't get them in the UK so I have to live through other people's experiences :p That sounded weird but I didn't mean it too! haha!
    I've heard loads of good reviews of this and to be honest, I think this is the first bad one I've read! I would definitely like to try them out for myself but don't know how to get them in the UK! :(

    Christina | Passion Obsession

    1. I wouldn't say this is a bad product and do recommend it but yeah, I'm picky for lip balms XD

      Maybe you could order one of them online!

  3. I've been wanting to try this out, but they don't sell it in Europe =X Loved your review though =D

    The Austrian Rose

    1. aww thanks XD
      order online! Looks like the only way to go XD

  4. Great review! :) I wanted to like this product (I tried the peach one in the purple packaging) but it just did nothing for my lips. Plus, the plastic lid cracked really easily :(

    1. that's too bad :(
      I'll try to make sure my balm doesn't break! I guess something works differently for many people XD

  5. i like the color and the packaging :)

  6. Is it weird that I really love lip balm, especially the tinted one, I love the shade on this one

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)

    p.s. I’ve given the blog a bit of a face lift!




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