Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Shopping Trip: Beauty and Fashion Haul!

Hello lovelies! I recently had some shopping fun with my lovely friend Resha and picked up some things when I should be saving money for Disneyland (and tuition...*cough cough*). I haven't spent a good day with her in years! You see, we had a big fight back when we were both in high school and 3 years or so have passed before we were able to forgive each other. I'm glad we were able to put all that trouble behind us because I couldn't be happier to see the girl!

We met up early in the morning just before the mall opened and went to nearly every store browsing shoes, clothes, and makeup! I tried on a lot of dresses H&M and places like the Montreal based store called Garage while Rehsa tried on next to nothing! Her excuse was she was losing weight so she shouldn't buy clothes if her size was in the middle of changing. I wish she'd try some more clothes on with me, it's always fun to play dress up together! 

Makeup-wise, Sephora was near the top of our list for places to hit but all the price tags made us faint. Pricey pricey...and it was the day after their Chic Week sale...*sob*. Next time they send me a coupon I'm definitely going to pick up some treats from there! 

We also stopped at the MAC counter in a department store called The Bay. Here's a shocker for you big makeup fans...I don't own a single thing from MAC! We perused the shelves filled with all sorts of goodies and swatched things on our hands until we looked like glittering disco balls. I was extremely tempted to get one of their paint pots since I hear people like Estee or Essiebutton on Youtube rave about them so much! The one I loved most when swatched on my hand was wasn't too glittery but felt so smooth on my hand! With an eyeshadow layered over it, the color was amazing! Though cheaper than most Sephora products, we walked away without purchasing anything.

Of course we just had to go to The Body Shop! They have body butters for $10 right now which is a pretty good bargain. I still have a ton of my coconut and mango body butter left though so I didn't get a new one. They have a Leona Lewis makeup collection there right now and the bronzer with an elk design on it made me fall in love. I wanted to get it pretty bad but Resha and I were so distracted...we kept spraying scents on ourselves and testing everything out. The satsuma/ clementine scent they have is lovely; dreamily citrus but like sweet candy at the same time! At this point neither of us had still purchased anything! Probably because we had shopping ADD being distracted by one lovely item after the next and because we were catching up on 3 years of missed gossip.
Getting nothing from the mall, we went to two stores I believe we only have in Canada called Shopper's Drugmart and Winners.

I couldn't believe it, the Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush was on offer for only $12! Of course we have extremely high tax here in Canada (12%...ughh) so it ended up being more like a $15 dollar purchase but still! I was so happy!

I've been dying to try this cute little blush for ages now and I didn't know that it had euphoryl in it that imitates the mood brightnening effect of endorphins! I wore it to work and definitely felt pretty happy after using it. Maybe it was the blush or maybe I was just in a good mood but either way, it gives me cheeks a beautiful flush and smells lovely!

Winners is a store I've only been to once and I thought it was only full of overpriced clothing. I was so wrong. It has everything from food to shoes to makeup to haircare to skincare and toys etc! It may seem overpriced, but that's because nearly all the stuff they sell is marked down brand name items! You can find Steve Madden, Ralph Lauren, Nine West, and other high end brands there. I'm not really one to buy things just for the brand but the quality of most brand name goods are better than places like Blue Notes or Old Navy. 

I picked up this lovely floral printed top by ONLY for a whopping $24. I know that may not seem like a lot to many of you but I rarely spend over $20 on any type of clothing EVER. As a poor student, this buy has burnt a small hole in my wallet but I love it! It fits like a glove and the spiked detailing with floral print makes me drool. I Love love love it and will probably be wearing this often in the Spring!

For cosmetics, I picked up this elf palette in the makeup section of Winners. I thought elf cosmetics were only in the States but it looks like Canada has them too! The best thing is that this 100 piece eyeshadow palette only cost me $13! I almost cried with excitement...they even had a Smashbox palette for only $25!!! That's unheard of! Affordability is great but again, as a student I didn't have the money to buy both palettes and ended up only getting the elf one. Still amazing! I am extremely happy! 

Wahhhh all them colors!!! *drool*
I can't wait to play around with different looks using this palette!

Resha is the kind of girl you can shop with and end up spending your life savings since she doesn't tell you to stop and and since both her and I are impulsive buyers. Ahh well, I may have spent well over $50 that day but I really enjoyed her company! If you're reading this girl we need to do that again sometime!

Look out for full reviews of the makeup products in the future!

Thanks for reading and ciao for now~!


  1. What a great haul! Love the floral denim shirt.
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  2. Love this post! :)
    Kelouise xo

  3. I am a teen blogger and all your guys' posts really inspire me! If any of you would check out my blog and let me know how to make it better I would love it!


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