Wednesday, 26 June 2013

NYX Eyeshadow Base with Pearl Review

Long time no blog! I return to the blogging world with a review on a new eyeshadow primer I've been trying out.

Low and behold, it's the NYX Eyeshadow Base with Pearl. It comes in a cute white pot with a screw on lid that contains 7 grams of primer. The product promises to give a brightening effect to the eyes and to keep your eyeshadow in place all day. Cute little packaging always entices me, I just had to give this baby a whirl~

Personally, I'm not a fan of pot primers where you need to swirl your finger into it and then place it on your eye; I much prefer squeezy tubes such as how Urban Decay does their Primer Potion packaging. It's difficult to gauge how much you need to swirl on your finger before lightly stroking the pearlescent  product all over your eye but it does indeed lighten the area. 

As for helping your eyeshadows stay in place, it helps to keep it from creasing all day and is actually quite good at bringing out the vibrancy of your shadows! Probably because when you put it on it turns your eyelids a shimmery white and white is a better base color than any tone of skin color. The pearl finish of it helps bring out the life of shimmery or glittery shadows and gives matte ones a nice shimmery look too. If you're a fan of shimmer, this product would be great for you! If you like matte colors more, the primer may take away some of the matte effect of matte shadows but the good news is, NYX does this primer in two other shades that are both matte. 

In general, this primer is very good but at the end of an 8 hour day, I still notice my shadows fading and creasing slightly. I don't have any major complaints though because without primer, my eyes look like I stuck each one in an ink bottle and this pretty pearl product prevents the "inked-eyes" ghoul look. It was only $7 when I bought it but retails anywhere from 7-10 dollars in drugstores. Definitely a steal and it does an amazing job for the price! NYX, you have wowed me once again!

If you're looking for a good primer, I definitely recommend NYX's Eyeshadow Base with Pearl. You can't go wrong when it prevents runny, creased makeup!

Thanks for reading and ciao for now! 


  1. Great review! I liked the color of it, never really tried a white primer! My favorite one is from Artdeco and also in a pot and my shadow does not stray one bit, not does it crease during the whole day! =D

    The Austrian Rose

  2. Hi Vanessa!
    It's been awhile!
    How've you been?

    I Know of a few friends who use this, they all say that it makes the applied product stay very long!
    And I think the subtle white would be a great backdrop upon applying the actual eyeshadow.

    Enjoyed reading through! :)


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