Friday, 9 May 2014

Spring Favourites!

I'm back from the dead! Hahahaha sorry I haven't blogged in such an unacceptably long time! School has been consuming me (totally not a cliche excuse) and I've also been working hard on my digital art! I want to sell at an anime convention one day so I gotta practice and prepare! Thankfully I just finished my last exam of the semester and now have three months off to lolly-gag till the cows come home! WAHAHAHAH!

Anywho, I come to you with my beauty favourites of Spring! Usually I do it by month but because I don't want to wait until the end of May to post this, I'll just call it my favorites for the Spring season! I've included skin care, makeup, and other beauty related items in this gaggle of goods so without further ado! Here they are!

1) Bath & Body Works Amber Blush Triple Moisture Body Cream
I honestly thought I would never really like anything from Bath & Body Works because all their scents are way too sugary smelling and I have trouble differentiating what smells like what...
....yeah....I rage a little about Bath & Body Works products but not for this one! Though it is still has a very sugary scent, it is a wonderful light moisturiser and has a custard like consistency. The smell lingers on the skin but is not so overbearing that you smell like someone dunked you into a vat of syrup. I love the fact that the moisturiser is not heavy! I don't like that greasy feeling that some moisturisers give you after applying so this is approved in my books! I don't tend to have dry skin so this is really just a pick me up on days where I think I could soften up my skin a bit!

2) Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box
Truth be told, I haven't been wearing too much makeup this month but when I want to do a look with eyeshadow, I always seem to reach for this palette. It's compact, cute, and has a selection of nine colors that has your neutrals and a few brighter choices like the shimmery green Graffiti or the electric lilac color, Fishnet. Urban Decay shadows are top notch quality wise with excellent pigmentation, buttery soft textures, and are easy to blend. I have never been disappointed with their eyeshadows; this is no exception :)

3) NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder
My nickname should be disco ball because my oily skin tends to make me look like a shining party orb! This face powder is very good for mattifying the skin when things get a bit too oily and it's so finely milled it doesn't look cakey after a few hours of wear! NYC is also a good brand if you're looking for affordable choices for beauty products and I highly recommend using it to set foundation or just to mattify your face like I do when it gets too oily! It does get a bit messy though if you're not careful and the powder flies everywhere but if you are gentle none of that powder will spill on you :)

4) Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Memorable

It's so natural and perfect for springtime and it gives you such a healthy glow! When you are a student in nursing school you tend to lose all the color in your face and slowly start to resemble a ghoul (from late night studying and stressing over tests). This blush breathes some life back into my face without making it look like you're wearing blush! It is just so natural! It's also a good size to carry around in your purse so you can do touch ups throughout the day if needed!

5) NYX Liquid Eye Liner in Black
I used to hate liquid eye liner. HATE.
but everything changed after I had the patience to sit down and practice and now, I love it! I have very oily eyelids so powder, pencil, and gel liners tend to travel on my face even if I apply only a small amount! This NYX liquid eye liner does not budge throughout the day and is very darkly pigmented so a single pass on my lids gives me the cat eyes I so love :)
Though this product is a favorite for me this season, I do have some qualms about its waterproof power because when I laugh and tear up a bit, it smears off. If you're going to cry or tear up in anyway...this eye liner will not last! It's good for the price you have to pay for it though and is also a more affordable makeup brand!

6) Disney's Merida Lipgloss in Change your Fate
I's orange. BUT MERIDA!
I picked this up in Disneyland last summer but haven't really gotten around to using it too much since then. This Spring I've given it a home in my everyday makeup bag and I love it! On the lips it doesn't look opaque orange but rather, brightens the lips up by adding shine and a nice vibrancy that enhances your natural lip color! I absolutely adore the fact that this gloss is not sticky because I hate that feeling where your lips feel like they're covered in molasses *shudders*. Honestly half the reason why I love this product so much is the packaging. It's not especially luxurious or high quality packaging but the fact that Merida is on it looking all pretty and the lid has a bow and arrow insignia on the top makes me incredibly happy~

7) EOS Lipbalm in Strawberry Sorbet
I'm pretty sure I've put this in a favorites before but I've been using this every night before bed, right before I go for runs, when my lips are have dry spells and all the times inbetween! It is such a good little lip balm you can take anywhere with you and the domed design allows for easy application. It does a pretty good job of moisturising and I wouldn't want anything less from a lip balm :)

8) The Body Shop Aloe Eye Defence Eye Cream
I also think I've included this in a favorites before but Spring is the season of allergies and this stuff was my best friend in times of need. It has helped calm my raging itchy eyes all season! After a day out, I'd be a swollen mess of allergies and applying this gentle eye cream really helped soothe the itchiness and redness. It in no way took away my allergies but it helped relieve some of the discomfort I was feeling from them. I'm almost out and need to pick up a new one soon!

9) Tarte Maracuja C-brightener Eye Treatment
Lots of Tarte products in this post but they are good! I am out of this eye cream unfortunately *sad face* but it is such a good eye cream to use in the morning! It has brightening effects that lessen the dark circles around your eyes and it sinks into the skin quickly so you are not left with a greasy film over your eyes. It has vitamin C infused into it which is supposedly really good for the skin! I'm no dermatologist but whatever they've done to make this eye cream so good I am all for them keeping up the good work!

10) Tarte Maracuja Lipglosses
I bought the Tarte 2013 Holiday gift set during Christmas and it came with 8 x 0.59oz mini lipglosses in varying shades that all look really lovely on the lips! They are nicely pigmented and have a slight minty feeling upon application. They also moisturise the lips so you don't need to use lip balm prior to putting these babies on! I just love the fact that I don't really need to spend a lot of time picking what color will go with what look for these because they do not overpower your makeup but nicely accentuate it! With 8 of them I'm sure they will last till I'm a little old lady~

 Thanks for reading! I'll be sure to post more often since I have some time off :)

Ciao for now~!


  1. Oooh everything looks so so pretty! I love it :)

    Layla xx

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