Sunday, 23 September 2012

Jason Mraz Concert! Tour is a Four Letter Word!

My favorite singer of all time came to my city and performed on his Tour is a Four Letter Word World Tour! Who could it be? None other than Jason Mraz!!!! I'd never been to a concert before that and thus, this amazing man has taken away my concert virginity! Hell yeah and no one better to to it than him! 

I was so excited to see Mr.A-Z! I bought the tickets in April or some time around that and I had been telling everybody since April that I was going to see him. My family started to get fed up with me always reminding them about it but HEY! I WAS SO EXCITED! A couple hours before the concert I was bouncing up and down everywhere! I couldn't stop smiling and I do believe my face is frozen in a smile even now! My awesome friend Jimmie came along with me. He had wanted to see Jason when he was still in Busan, Korea but luckily he didn't so we got to see the concert in Vancouver together!

I had brought my camera planning to take a million bajillion pictures but I had forgotten the SD card for the camera at home! NOOOO!!!!! I was lucky again though because Jimmie brought two cameras so I was able to be snap happy all throughout the show! I painted my face and legs with the LOVE shapes from Mraz's newest album, Love is a Four Letter Word.

Yes that's a poo on my's supposed to be a joke! Since Mraz loves to scat, scat is another word for see where I'm going with this...

Jimmie and I had dinner before getting into the concert hall, sushi and sashimi on rice! It was just some stuff we bought from the local asian supermarket but it was delicious none the less (I guess I thought i t was extra yummy since I was hungry!) I stuffed my face lightning fast because I really wanted to get into the stadium! I didn't really need to though since there was a little over half an hour before the show would start anyway. We got it and surprise surprise! My friends Joao and Jackie were there too to see the show! Joao kept asking me to come to the floor seats with him but obviously I couldn't do that or I'd get kicked out! Jimmie and I had bought tickets for seats in the middle of the arena.

Christina Perri opened for Jason Mraz...I had never really cared for her music (well the one I song I knew from her: Jar of Hearts) but after seeing her live I must say I'm a changed woman! I'm definitely going to check out her other songs, she's very pretty too! Jason didn't even get on the stage until 8:30ish but WOW he was amazing! I knew almost every song! There were only two I didn't recognize but I sang along with them anyway!

Serious eargasm man...what I would give to see another of his concerts <3 <3 <3
The one song I REALLY wanted to hear him sing live was Geek in the Pink (my blog is aptly named after that song!) He wasn't able to but that's alright, I was spellbound was marvelous...just breath taking! His band was amazing too! They all seemed to have so much fun together when performing, what I would give to live my life singing my heart out for other people! Even if the audience is small!

I was sad it had to end so was actually a pretty length concert but I just love Jason Mraz so much and it was a bittersweet goodbye. I bought a poster and a t-shirt (the one in the middle is the one i got) to remember it by...I swear I'll never wash that shirt O_O...I'll wear it everyday and never ever take it off...even to shower...

...just kidding!

The poster is on my wall now and when I get grumpy from studying now I just look up at it and smile, remembering that amazing concert I went to.


I'm even more in love with Jason Mraz than before and I really doubt anyone will ever trump him at first place in my favorite artists of all time list! Jason will always be my hero and I'll never lose that fan girl in me because of him~

Thanks for reading and ciao for now~! 


  1. You sound like me before and after the book signing with my favourite author. XD Glad you had fun, it's something that you'll always remember and cherish.

    1. haha absolutely! You can relate XD
      He've my freaking HERROOOOO <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Holy, that was my first concert too! And I got the same shirt and poster as you. WHOAA INTENSE. I love Jason Mraz. mah favee. LOL, I knew your blog was based off his song. Dang, didn't know we had so much in common. that's insane

  3. Awesome possum Jenny~! <3
    Haha yeah who knew~! You have great taste in music then I must say~

  4. Glad you had fun :D I still have my concert virginity to lose lol

    1. haha we should go see a concert together sometime~ <3


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