Saturday, 15 September 2012

Life Update: What I've Been Up To

My blogs are being published less and less frequently these days because of gosh darn school! Look at all the scary books I have to read for my classes! I'm in my fourth semester at university and I've also decided to change my major! I'm doing biology right now and I really do love the natural world and all the organisms that inhabit it. Learning about them is invigorating! Sciences can be scary but I have to admit, beyond all the homework and calculations I have to do, it's pretty darn fun and extremely interesting! I don't think my eyes have ever been more tired than now but there's still 12 weeks of the semester left! Hopefully my sanity can survive that long and my eyes don't fall out!  

So school's all fine and dandy but quite a few events have popped up since my last life update, I've been commissioned for art and a logo! As some of you might know, I am a member of deviantART and I post some stuff I draw or paint up regularly...a girl commissioned me to draw this little angel for her! She still has to pay me for it but she seemed to really like it so that makes me happy too. I've also been hired to design a logo for the SVABC (Specialty Vehicles Association of British Columbia) but there's still a lot of work to do! Once the tweaking and polishing is all done I'll write a blog documenting the process of logo design! Here's how far I am along right now, perhaps the "v" should be more centered in the speed dial image...*brainstorming*

Speaking of art, I've also been working on this piece of art for the past few days (when I'm positively sick of doing chemistry problems!)

Yes she is nude...but her private bits are covered! To be honest I sketched out this girl when I was in high school art class but I finished the line art and started to color it just this last week. At least I'm finishing what I started right?

Progress so far...pretty good! The hair, water and grass could use a little more dimension, so I'm going to work with different tones of color and when it's finished, I'll post it on deviantART along with the art that's already up there (Here's my deviantART account if you'\re curious:

Anyway I have an online chemistry assignment due tonight that's insanely hard to do! Good thing I've enlisted a friend to help me with the work, hopefully things don't go awry and I can finish that beast of homework before the deadline! Then after...I don't care I'm treating myself to an Indian buffet, my waistline can just shush! 

Some goals for the next week or so...I MUST room looks like a bomb hit it and then a tornado came by too! Must clean clean clean! I also want to be caught up with all my schoolwork, there's so much stuff to do I fear that soon I'll fall behind! Wish me luck!

I'm not happy about all the work but it'll be worth it in the end, I'll try my hardest! Back to work!

Thanks for reading and ciao for now!

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