Wednesday, 6 February 2013

25 Things About Me!

This tag has been floating around for quite a while now and I thought I'd join in on the fun! Without further ado, here's 25 totally random things about me that you may find interesting:

1) I have moss phobia. If I touch it I feel like it will grow on me and it grosses me out!

2) When I was a little girl, I wanted to become a Pokemon Trainer; I was so excited on my tenth birthday (since that's the age you can legally become one)...too bad Pokemon don't actually exist...

3) I love the sound of high heels on hard wood floors! It sounds so...sophisticated

4) In grade 1 one morning, the announcements told us all to smile more that day so I smiled like mad. During story time, my teacher noticed and thought I was laughing at someone behind their back and was told to go to my desk with my head on the table. I was extremely confused and miserable that two adults, figures of authority, had contradicted each other and I had to pay for it.

5) There's a cactus in my room that I've had since I was very young and call him "Softy" since his spikes aren't prickly at all. He'll probably need to be re-potted soon since he's gotten quite large now.

6) I am TERRIFIED of bees. Once at a barbecue, a bee came flying too close to me and I leaped over an unsuspecting neighbor sitting in her lawn chair and toppled it over as I flew inside my house...I was very sorry but there was no way I'd let a flying monkey of death touch me or my BBQ ribs.

7) Music is my life; I play piano, guitar, clarinet and sing. Without music, I'd probably shrivel up and die. Probably.

8) I think flats are more painful to wear compared to heels. I'd rather wear boots or sneakers than either of those though.

9) I've read all the Goosebump books written by R.L. Stine.

10) I'm not religious at all and I don't believe in an afterlife. It helps me live my life to the fullest since I have no expectations for a heaven or hell and live in the NOW.

11) I have this weird ability to sense electronics from far distances. For example, if I'm in my room and my brother left the TV on in the study, I can feel a light tingling in my brain close to my ears that tells me he left the device on. Call it my not so super, super power!

12) I've been a straight A student all throughout elementary to high school. Whoot for Grand Honor Roll!

13) I used to wear my hair in a low ponytail everyday in the later part of elementary, all the way through middle, and for grade 9 of high school. Took me a while to break from that and let my hair down!

14) The first CD I ever bought with my own money was Mika's Life in Cartoon Motion. I still love every song on it to this day~

15) I HATE tattoos. I would never get one myself but, having said both those things I do think some of the tattoo designs out there are pretty neat!

16) I've eaten two of my teeth. When I was losing my baby teeth, I swallowed one by accident while eating ice cream and again when I was eating pizza.

17) I learned how to whistle in a car, nobody really taught me but suddenly I could do it after many weeks of spitting without the slightest trill from my embouchure.

18) Zooey Deschanel is my girl crush~ <3 I love her kooky cuteness to bits!

19) Frugal should be my middle name, I hate wasting food and spending money on things that I don't think will last me or costs too much.

20) My room looks like a tornado hit it. I always feel like I need to clean it and when I do, I find neat stuff buried under my mounds of clothes and books and get distracted! cleaning never really gets done

21) I have trichotillomania...I've had it since I was 9 and I really want to cure myself of it. I've tried sitting on my hands, wearing gloves, and a bunch of other stuff but it doesn't seem to help. I'll keep on trying though! Don't want early baldness!

22) I used to be a tomboy with no sense of fashion! I wore blood red cargo pants almost daily and a racing make it worse, I had round glasses and braces too!

23) If given the choice, I would choose dogs over cats any day! I want a pet puppy so badly!

24) I have two stuffed animals named after royalty, a panda named Elizabeth and a brown bear called Henry

25) Currently addicted to little horror games like Ib, The Witch's House, and Mad Father...must play....MORE!!!

Konata tags you to do the 25 Things About Me tag!

Thanks for sticking around! Ciao for now~!


  1. This was prettty interesting. I had to google 21. whoa.

    1. yeah it's not a good thing to have TTwTT...
      thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad I found yours. Such an interesting post! Thanks for sharing about yourself.
    xo, Julie

  3. I love reading these posts! I was obsessed with Pokemon too, I always wanted to be Ash! I'm also a sucker for Horror games too, I always get myself worked up playing them though, ha!

  4. Pokemon trainer omg that is so funny!!

    Ali of


  5. It was great getting to know more about you! Zooey is just gorgeous, I'd love to look like her


    1. yay I'mg glad! And yes she is! If only I had blue eyes the size of a scared baby's XD

  6. Hey gorgeous! I love the blog :) If you have any time would you be able to check out mine? I just uploaded a post about my trip to Nepal which I really want to share with the world.

    Thankyou! x

  7. Hey, great blog! I've tagged you on my blog for the Liebster award, hope you'll check it out :)

    1. thank you so much! I did one of them, another girl tagged me too but I don't remember who's questions I answered...


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