Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Liebster Blog Awards!

I was nominated twice by two different bloggers before I got the chance to do this but here I am attempting the Liebster Blog Awards tag! My nominators were Carie from OsnapitsCarie's Blog and Rosa from Glossy Temptataions. Thanks for the opportunity to do this girls! Here we go!

1) Favorite hobby?

At the moment...probably drawing or playing the piano!

2) Any beauty addictions?

How about beauty stuffs in general! Nothing that I'm particularly obsessed with at the moment!

3) Apple or Android?

Actually...I have a Nokia C2-01 from the Jurassic period and I like it better than both of those! It's true what they say, Nokia phones really are indestructible...

4) Favorite piece of clothing?

Probably my white lace dress from Zara. It makes me feel like it's spring time and I feel incredibly feminine in it!

5) Hair up, or down?

I think hair can look stunning both ways! I have short hair right now and I really want to put it up and style it. I guess you always want what you don't have!

6) Favorite blog?

The Beauty Department. So many cool beauty tips and tricks! I also love their hair tutorials!

7) Do you have any pets? If so how many, and what kind?

I have no pets right now. I used to own budgies and fish and I really really REALLY want a dog. Maybe one day!

8) Who or what, inspires you?

"Anyone who's ever opened up a closing door" as Merril Bainbridge would have said! I have many idols that inspire me in everything from music to art and beyond!

9) Dream job?

I want to be a singer performing on stage!

10) Favorite time period? (70's, 80's etc)

The 90's. Not for the fashion or trends at the time but because that was my childhood~

11) If you were to win the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy?

I'd hire an in home personal nurse and take my granny home from her care center so that she gets the attention she needs but can stay at home with us all the time~

...and here are my questions for my 11 nominees!

1) How old were you when you started to wear makeup? 
2) Coffee or tea?
3) What's the first thing you notice when you look at a person?

4) How are your New Years Resolutions going?
5) If you could travel anywhere in the universe, where would it be?
6) Do you like your height or do you wish you were taller/ shorter?
7) Have you ever had braces or headgear?
8) Is your room a mess or super tidy?
9) Are you a gamer? If so what's your favorite game at the moment?
10) Quickly summarize a memorable dream you had while sleeping.
11) Bold eyeshadows or flattering neutrals? Perhaps a mix?

...and here are some lovely bloggeritas that I tag to do the Liebster Blog Awards!

2) Brittney from The Life of Apple Britters
3) Jenny from this is my blog.
4) Vel from Posting Space
5) Renee from part time blogger
6) Jazz Lassie from Life in a PeaNutshell
7) Dressed with soul from Dressed with soul
9) Jenna from Jenna's Musings
10) Haruhiism from Haruhiism
11) Julie from from Prosecco to Plaid

I tag all of you!

Should you choose to accept the mission, I'd definitely love to see what you say and come up with! Remember to tag 11 more bloggers with LESS than 200 followers when you're done! the way how are you enjoying my new font? I find it to be much easier on the eyes :)

Thanks for reading and ciao for now!


  1. Congrats on the award! :) Aw, I hope you can get a dog sometime soon! I can't imagine my life without mine! What kind of dog do you want?

    1. Many of my friends have canine friends and I love playing with their dogs! I want a smaller breed for sure, they're a little easier to take care of. Perhaps a pug or Norwich Terrier?

  2. Congrats on the award, Hun! I love reading people's answers and their questions. It's cool that you want to be a singer, if its something you want to do you should definitely pursue it. Do you have any videos yet?

    Btw the answer to the lottery question is really sweet, that's such a nice thing to think to do :)

    1. awww thank you :)
      I'll post videos once I save up enough for a new camera! Sit tight friend!

      By the way, I love your blog and need to read more! The photos you take are exquisite!

  3. You play the piano that is too cute! I twinkle on it!


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