Sunday, 24 February 2013

Life Happenings!

Hey peeps! I've summarized my weekend in this blog post to share with all of you~

So...I'M EMPLOYED AGAIN! Hurrah! It's at a place called A&W ( I think we only have them in Canada) that's famous for their burgers and customer service! I hope I can contribute a lot to the company and learn from them at the same time! This means a harder workload though; school, work, and a social life are hard to balance but with some persistence and planning, I'm sure it can be done! I can't wait for my first shift!

My friend Jimmie and I spent the day at the mall on Friday where I spent TOO MUCH MONEY. So much in fact that now, I'm going to go on a buying hiatus. I spent nearly 100 dollars on lots of little things like nail polish, video games, more David's Tea (of course...) and so on and so forth. Here's some of the goodies I got!

Isn't this Hello Kitty Nail Polish I got cute? Sephora sucks me in like a dinghy in a whirlpool... I've lusted after a mint polish for a long long time now so why not spoil myself a little?

The tea I got this time is The Earl's Garden. It's got freeze-dried strawberries and bergamot in it! I've never even tried Earl Grey so let the first tasting be a luxurious one~

I also purchased a new DS game called The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks. I'm a huge fan of the Zelda series so I'm very excited to play this game! It's been way too long since I last bought something to play on my DS, now I'll have something fun to do before bed time!

...but really now, I promise myself not to buy a single fashion, beauty, or tea related item for the next month! If I can hold out until the end of March, we'll see then!

We had coffee together at Starbucks and chatted a bit. I don't see Jimmie much anymore...if you're reading Jimmie, it was fun hanging out with you!

On Saturday morning, my friend Kyra picked me up from my house and we ate breakfast at her place. Mmmm cheesey scrambled eggs on toast! She kidnapped me to help her finish the silent realm in Skyward Sword. It's a little creepy but I managed to help her the third time through! She has so many animals at her house! Guinea pigs, dogs, fish and who knows what else! Her three doggies are so cute! I'm really jealous, I LOVE DOGS! We had some tea then left to meet my parents at a local church.

There was a gem show being held in the church that was pretty fun! Lots of cool stones and fossils were on display (some for sale). Kyra was an absolute darling and got me this beautiful heart shaped goldstone! She got a matching purple one as well...FRIENDSHIP STONE! *vomits a rainbow*

My dad had an awesome time there, he probably bought out all the vendors ( tuition money!!!) but I'm glad he had fun! Near the end, Kyra and I were a little bored, I'm happy we got to spend some time together though!

Come Sunday things quieted down a little. I played some Twilight Princess for the Wii and had Chai with my friend Charlotte. It's been ages since I've talked to her! We were really close in middle school, I truly miss those good old days! 

Lots of reconnecting this weekend, it was a welcome break from the stresses of the week! 
Thanks for reading and ciao for now!


  1. Congrats on getting a job! =D It'll be great for experience and money. Just a fair warning though, you probably won't be allowed to wear that pretty nail polish.

    I also need to kidnap you again to get me through he second Silent zone. XD Got to finish the Water Temple boss first though... I'm feeling lazy. XD

    1. man you're probably right about the nail polish!!! Nyooooo TTwTT
      I'll help you out if I can!

  2. Hi dear, congrats for your new job - hope you earn a lot of money and have many fun there :)



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