Monday, 25 February 2013

50 Random Things About Me Tag

I swear that I'm not a narcissistic person but doing these allows me learn about myself and also to share with the world what kind of person I am. Things long forgotten I remember and it makes me think about how I got to be the person I am today! If you think they are fun to read that makes my day because I really do enjoy doing these tags! Here's 50 more things about me that you may not know! Who knows, we might have a lot in common!

1) My favorite season is Summer hands down! Nothing like relaxing on the beach or burying your friends in the sand!

2) I probably have 3 to 4 cups of tea daily (minus the weekends where I tend to go out a lot more). Currently addicted to David's Teas especially.

3) My longest relationship lasted 3 and a half years. Pretty much my whole high school life.

4) I will keep a mascara longer than the recommended three months. Maybe over a year since I opened it. I know this is pretty bad but I hate throwing away mascara and just throwing away things in general!

5) I know all the lyrics to an extremely large amount of Disney songs and sing them at home all the time (despite how it annoys my family).

6) I was born in Hong Kong.

7) My hair is very fine and naturally wavy even though I'm Chinese (most Chinese people have thick and straight hair).

8) In an effort to draw the perfect picture of Sesshomaru from Inuyasha, I redrew the same picture of him 12 times to get it right! Goes to show I am passionate about art and work hard at things I love!

9) Spiderman is my favorite American superhero. I love all the bad puns, his attitude, and just how it reminds me of my childhood when I use to watch the old cartoon in the evenings.

10) I have a stamp collection featuring stamps from Canada to England, from China to India and so and so forth.

11) I've never broken a bone!

12) I want to start a youtube channel and talk about beauty, fashion, skincare and the like but mostly so I can sing! It's my dream to be a singer but I don't want to until I get a better camera (or so I keep telling myself...maybe I'm just shy).

13) I can't sleep well in complete silence. I've grown up listening to the ambiance of cars passing by on the street, without it, things seem too eerie to get a good night's rest.

14) I'm very apologetic, you may even find me apologizing to a table or chair if I bump into them...

15) Even though my hair is pretty short right now, I prefer long hair by a landslide! I can't wait for my locks to grow out so I can do some awesome hairstyles again!

16) At age 19, I still don't have my Learners for driving yet! Not that I'm upset about this, driving looks terrifying!

17) I tend to hold grudges. Not just at the person I'm mad at but also all their friends and people they associate with...not so good :(

18) Spicy foods are the bane of my existence. I like korean kimchi (fermented spicy cabbage and other vegetables) and maybe a select few spicy cup noodles but apart from that I hate spiciness!

19) My nails are brittle and thin, I want longer ones but looks like I can't have them since they break once they've grown 2 mm or so past the tip of my finger.

20) My favorite color was green? I'm not sure because pink is quickly catching up to my love of green!

21) I absolutely love Christmas lights! I wish families would keep them on their houses all year so I could see them all the time! Walking on a winter's night and seeing all the lights brightens my mood!

22) I dislike children and don't want to have kids. They're quite cute but can be fussy and bratty.

23) Jason Mraz is my favorite musical artist of all time. No questions asked!

24) I have 223 watchers on my DeviantART account and I'm very proud of this! Here's the link to my page if you want to check it out!

25) I really don't like profanity. If you have a nasty swearing habit I probably won't want to be near you. I'll also rarely swear myself unless I'm really flaming mad!

26) I am not an Apple fan. Ask me mac or PC, PC all the way.

27) The Inheritance Series by Christopher Paolini is one of my all time favorite book series! Murtagh is my love~ <3

28) I can play the Lost Woods song from Legend of Zelda blindfolded on the piano.

29) I don't think I could easily build up the courage to ask someone out nor do I show many obvious signs of liking people. So if I like you you would probably never know....I wouldn't say I'm a shy person though!

30) I use a computer mouse with my left hand though I am right handed.

31) In Physical Education class from grades 9 to 10, I was a very competitive student and got bullied because of it. Girls would surround me and tell me not to "try so hard" to which I would defend myself and talk back to them. Even though they tried to push me around my goal was to try and keep fit so I wouldn't let their attitudes stop me.

32) I cry when I laugh hard! You can tell it's a real laugh if I have tears in my eyes.

33) Do I live to eat or eat to live? The former :)

34) Wearing hats makes me sleepy, that's why you'll rarely see me wearing one.

35) I own approximately 20 sketchbooks, that's a lot of drawing!

36) I've been on two cruises in my life, one to Mexico and one to Alaska... they were really fun!

37) My middle name is the name of a Pokemon, ever heard of Sea King?

38) I've only moved once in my entire life and that was for international immigration!

39) I've never tried smoking and never intend to.

40) I usually wear a one piece to the pool, I'm a little insecure about wearing a bikini.

41) I'd rather read something in book form than on a screen whether it be textbook or novel.

42) I hit the gym and pool about 4-5 times a week! New Years Resolutions still in action!

43)The first pencil crayon color I usually run out of is either black or blue

44) I think accents are amazing! especially British and Scottish ones....oh man...*drool*

45) I hate throwing things away. I either keep it until it pretty much disintegrates or recycle it, even if it means picking apart the small parts so that every bit gets another chance to be something else.

46) I can do the moonwalk.

47) My front and back yards have more moss than good because I kind of have a phobia of touching moss. No bare foot running through it for sure...

48) I own every single D.Gray-man manga published in North America. I always buy the new one when it comes out!

49) I share a birthday with the lovable fat cat, Garfield!

50) There is no way in holy heaven would I ever sleep with  my closet door open. I don't believe in monsters living in there but I get a little spooked since it's a dark, cavernous cave that could be the home of some ghoul or ghost...

Thanks for sticking around guys :)

Ciao for now!


  1. Thanks dear for this interesting informations :) Seems we have a little in commen: I have never broken any bone, I drink at least 3 - 4 cups tea a day and my hair are very fine, too, But I´m sure, I wasn´t born in Hong Kong - to be honest I haven´t ever been there!

    Wish you a great week xxx

    1. It's a great place for vacation! If you ever get the chance to go take it! You won't regret it!

  2. I love posts like this! I cant moon walk too! I share my birthday with my twin aha. Lovely post :) nice facts!

    Pipp xx

  3. I've known you how long and I still didn't know at least a quarter of these things! XD I'm going to have to make a list now too. Lists are fun. =]

    1. I gotta agree XD
      I read yours and I learned new stuff about you too!

  4. Loved this am also terrified about drving lol x

  5. I enjoyed reading this and did this tag too. :)


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